SD-WAN: Three benefits your users will thank you for

What do your users want from a network solution?

Ease of access, speed of applications and application availability anytime, anywhere. But as business needs change, the needs and wants of users also change. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, you want to ensure your network is safe and secure and ensure you can flex resources to meet new demand on your network as your business evolves and grows.

Here’s 3 ways managed SD-WAN can help you deliver a great user experience and at the same time, help you prepare your network for the future.


  1. Speedy performance of business-critical applications

A key benefit of SD-WAN is the high visibility it gives you across your entire network estate. It allows you to prioritise bandwidth for business-critical applications and automate the task of monitoring traffic through a centralised controller. Configuration of change requests can be done centrally so removing management complexity.


  1. Security of apps – in the office or when out and about

With more users accessing systems remotely, whether at home, from different office locations or out in the field, wherever they are based, you need to be sure you can manage threats and keep your systems safe and secure. SD-WAN gives you next gen security with built-in security features such as encryption capabilities, that can prevent data loss and downtime. With a single security policy across all sites, your management task is greatly simplified.


  1. Reliability and assured access 24/7

When it comes to guaranteeing uptime for your users, you need to be able to spot problems as fast as possible. SD-WAN allows you to identify degraded circuits before they become a serious problem and then automatically divert traffic, so your users have assured access anytime they want.


A Software-defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN architecture enabling organisations to securely connect users to applications using any available connectivity option, such as MPLS, broadband and cellular; and to use centralised software, rather than the distributed hardware, to route traffic intelligently and manage security more efficiently.

To find out how you can help your circuits work harder and smarter to meet future networking needs, contact us to request a network traffic evaluation. We’ll help you to determine the best route forward.

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