Supporting the ‘working from anywhere’ model with Secure Remote Access

The uncertainty caused by Covid is now very much an ongoing feature of business life for many. Covid has meant we have come to rely on a whole host of technologies that were once perceived as ‘necessary for the select few’. With many businesses having since adopted hybrid working models, this means only one thing; giving employees the ability to work securely from anywhere needs to be considered a permanent feature of the modern workplace.

We like many other technology providers experienced huge increases in demand for many of our services. As a result, in early 2020, Redcentric built a much-improved Secure Remote Access platform to meet the unprecedented demand for remote working.

First, it’s worthwhile understanding what we mean by unprecedented demand. While prior to Covid, some organisations had in place secure remote access solutions for a few remote working or field-based employees, at the outset of the pandemic the numbers increased to include entire organisations. For example, a large enterprise might have needed to increase support from 20 to 2000 employees. Not only that, with so many more employees working from home at the same time, there was simultaneous demand for access to centralised resources on networks.

To support our customers, Redcentric rapidly scaled up the capacity of the existing Secure Remote Access platform. The upgraded platform now delivers around 20 times the capacity of the original. It is also designed to scale further without disrupting existing customers or users, so meeting the need for simultaneous access of many thousands of users. Here we outline some of the key things which have been enhanced:

Redcentric’s Secure Remote Access platform

Capacity – delivers circa 20 times the capacity of the original platform

Scalability – is designed to scale further without disrupting existing customers or users

Reliability – is underpinned by geographic resilience across multiple UK datacentres

Availability – automatically distributes traffic across available resources improving availability

Security – Supports many popular operating systems including MS Windows 7, 8 & 10, MacOS, Linux Red Hat and Ubuntu

The result is a reliable, high-quality end-user experience that meets the needs of our current and future customers.


With the ever-present threat of cyberattacks and a more geographically distributed workforce, a larger attack surface provides more opportunities for cyberattacks to penetrate the network.

Securing an enterprise network is more complex than ever before with the increasing number of devices in use. Underlying policies that safeguard access to and the use of enterprise resources, such as data, databases, systems, and networks need to be clearly defined and regularly updated.

The ease of deployment and centralised management of Redcentric’s remote access platform, coupled with the ability to scale up and down capabilities, means you always have the control and flexibility you need to support your employees to work safely and securely from anywhere.

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