Akixi Analytics for Microsoft Teams – a powerful tool to improve customer experience and operational efficiency

Akixi CX Analytics for Microsoft Teams is a game-changer for every single organisation that has invested in Microsoft Teams and wants greater visibility of calls to improve operational efficiency and customer engagement. Redcentric is the first to bring to market this analytics capability in partnership with Akixi.

What’s exciting is that not only is this solution delivering real-time call analytics accessible from right within Teams, it’s also a powerful tool that’s accessible to anyone from the SMB right through to the largest enterprise without the need for significant investment in technology.

For many organisations the telephone is still the main channel of communication for customers and internal colleagues, so there just isn’t the same business case for investing in an omni-channel solution as for a larger enterprise. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t leverage the benefits of real-time analytics to improve your operations, to enhance your customer experience and uncover new ways to be more productive.

Akixi Analytics has the power to level the playing field, allowing SMBs to leverage powerful insights based on call data about their operations and customer interactions that allow them to make changes for the better and to compete more effectively with the larger players.


The added value for SMB’s and how this helps users and customers?

Enhanced customer experience

By providing real-time insights into call metrics, such as call wait times, calls abandoned, call distribution across your teams and call frequency to name but a few metrics, organisations can improve their customer service. Effective management of these customer interactions can lead to higher satisfaction rates, repeat business, and improved reputation, which are crucial for growth in competitive markets.

Data-driven decisions

Akixi Analytics enables organisations to make informed decisions based on actual data. This is particularly important for businesses without the capability to conduct extensive market research. By understanding customer behaviours and preferences through call analytics, SMBs can tailor their marketing, sales, and customer service strategies more effectively.

Focus on core business functions

With Akixi Analytics automating and simplifying the data analysis process, organisations SMBs can focus more on core business functions. This reduces the burden on staff and helps prioritise activities that directly contribute to revenue and business growth.

Now let’s talk about what may influence your stakeholders on whether to invest.

Ease of Integration

Seamless integration with existing systems like Microsoft Teams, reduces the need for additional infrastructure or complex setups. This simplicity ensures that SMBs can start benefiting from analytics almost immediately, without significant downtime or disruption. And if you’re a larger organisation, with significant numbers of users, there’s large scale onboarding automation that enables you to rapidly deploy large numbers of business users within complex environments.


As SMBs grow, their needs change. Akixi Analytics is scalable, meaning it can expand its capabilities as a business grows, providing more sophisticated analytics and reporting features as needed without requiring a complete system overhaul.

As we all know, user experience needs to be at the core of any new technology introduced. And that’s where there’s a big win for Akixi Analytics.

Continuity of the user experience within Teams

Users can access Akixi Analytics right within the Teams interface making it simple for users to view and analyse data without switching between applications or disrupting their workflow. This means access to pre-canned detailed reports and analytics directly from their Teams dashboard via an intuitive Akixi button, maintaining a consistent and unified user environment. But it doesn’t stop there, because reporting can be tailored to meet the organisation’s need, so there’s virtually no limit to how data can be consumed.

User productivity

Not only is this convenient for users, but it enhances productivity by providing real-time insights and actionable data at users’ fingertips. In practice, this means that every Teams user can access powerful analytics to improve decision-making and operational efficiency directly within their daily communication tool.

Cost-effective solution

Akixi Analytics allows SMBs to access advanced analytics and real-time data insights without the hefty investment typically associated with a full-scale omnichannel platform.


To sum up – what are you waiting for?

Akixi Analytics offers insights right within Microsoft Teams to improve your organisation. When your key communication channel is still the telephone, with 70-80% of customer interactions taking place over the phone, it doesn’t make sense to invest in technology your users are not going to get value from.  But now, with the launch of Akixi Analytics for Microsoft Teams, SMBs have an accessible solution that is well-suited to their needs and has the potential to transform customer experience, make a step-change in user productivity and offer valuable insights into how you can improve processes and the efficiency of how you communicate both internally and externally.


Read about how Akixi Analytics can help in the industries such as retail, healthcare and legal, but in any organisation typically receiving high volumes of inbound calls. The value-add is however, equally applicable for internal teams, and teams responsible for outbound calls, particularly so where there are scarce resources and high volumes of calls being made.


Akixi Analytics allows you to track the effectiveness of promotional campaigns and adjust strategies based on customer responses. Sales teams can quickly identify trends in customer enquiries, tailoring their approach to better meet the needs and interests of callers, thus maximizing the likelihood of converting calls into sales. This strategic use of call data not only boosts sales performance but also enhances the overall customer experience, making each interaction with the retailer smooth and professionally managed.


For doctors’ surgeries, where timely communication can greatly influence patient satisfaction and care outcomes, Akixi Analytics enables real-time tracking of call durations and wait times, the solution helps medical staff manage incoming calls more efficiently. This ensures that patient inquiries are addressed swiftly, and urgent calls receive immediate attention. The analytics allow surgeries to adjust staffing levels and call-handling protocols as needed, leading to improved patient service and reduced wait times, thus enhancing the overall effectiveness of front of house staff.

City View Medical practice has been using analytics to improve front of house resourcing at peak times. Steven Holt, Patient Support Manager reported:

“Our call stats have improved beyond recognition over the last 12 months. The beauty of the Redcentric system is we can carry on refining call flows. Call demand can change on a weekly basis, but the call stats help us to understand what’s going on and to see which call lines are busy, so that we can respond to changing patterns and resource lines effectively by getting additional staff to login to the system.”

Veterinary practice

By providing real-time visibility into call wait times and queue management, veterinary staff can optimise their call handling procedures, ensuring that client enquiries and emergencies are addressed promptly. This not only enhances the overall client experience by reducing wait times but also allows vets to prioritise urgent cases more effectively, ultimately fostering a more responsive and efficient practice environment.

Car dealership

For car dealerships, where every call could potentially lead to a high-value sale, Akixi Analytics provides real-time visibility into each call that comes into the sales team, including the duration and outcome of these calls. A dealership can identify peak call times, optimise staff allocation, and ensure that no potential customer is left waiting. This enhanced management of call flows significantly reduces missed and abandoned calls, which translate to missed sales opportunities.



Akixi Analytics for Microsoft Teams is a robust solution tailored to enhance operational efficiency and customer engagement across various industries. By integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Teams, it provides real-time call analytics that empower organisations to make data-driven decisions, improve customer service, and streamline operations without the need for substantial investment.

Whether you’re an SMB looking to compete with larger enterprises or a large organisation aiming to optimise call management, Akixi Analytics offers the tools and insights necessary to transform your business. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage this powerful analytics solution to drive growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Take the next step towards optimising call management and generating operational efficiencies with Akixi Analytics for Microsoft Teams.





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