Bringing your team together and enhancing customer experience with Yealink Push-to-Talk headsets

In today’s fast paced world, seamless communication is crucial to ensuring efficient operations and excellent customer service. At Redcentric, we understand the challenges faced by organisations in the retail and hospitality sector in maintaining effective communication. Recently, one of our clients, a prominent high-street brand, successfully deployed our Yealink DECT headset solution across over 350 outlets, using 2,500 headsets. Here’s a closer look at how this solution transformed staff to staff communication and collaboration and helped it to capture valuable revenue from inbound customer calls.


The Challenge

Our client needed a reliable communication system that allowed staff to talk to each other instantly, like a walkie-talkie, while also handling incoming calls from customers. Previous systems were either too noisy or cumbersome, leading to missed calls and inefficiencies. The goal was to streamline communication to improve service speed and quality without adding unnecessary complexity.


The Solution: Yealink DECT Headsets

We introduced Yealink DECT headsets, specifically the WHM621 model, known for its robust performance and user-friendly features. These headsets offer a unique push-to-talk (PTT) functionality, enabling staff to communicate instantly with each other, much like traditional walkie-talkies, but with the added benefit of being able to handle incoming calls from customers.


Key Benefits

    • Instant communication: The push-to-talk feature allows for immediate connection among staff members, allowing staff to start and end an internal call when they choose to do so, so the channel is open only when needed thus reducing the noise and constant chatter typical of other systems.
    • Versatility: Each headset can handle inbound PSTN calls, ensuring that calls are answered promptly, reducing missed calls and improving customer satisfaction.
    • Scalability: The Yealink W70B base station supports up to 10 devices, making it easy to scale the solution according to the size and needs of each site.
    • Durability and comfort: The WHM621 headsets are designed for comfort, featuring a lightweight, mono-aural design with optional leather ear cushions for extended wear.
    • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to other market offerings, Yealink DECT headsets provide a more affordable solution without compromising on quality or functionality.
    • Reducing missed calls: One of the significant benefits of the Yealink DECT headsets is the reduction in missed inbound customer calls. Each missed call potentially represents a lost order, resulting in lost revenue and a disappointed customer. By ensuring that calls are answered reliably, the Yealink DECT headsets help maintain a steady flow of orders and enhance customer service. This not only boosts revenue but also ensures a higher level of customer satisfaction, as customers feel valued and attended to promptly.


Deployment and Results

The deployment process involved integrating the headsets with the Yealink W79P cordless handsets and additional repeaters were installed where needed to ensure excellent signal coverage. The headsets were integrated into the existing telephony infrastructure, allowing for unified communication channels and ensuring reporting captured all calls handled on the headsets.

Post-deployment: The client reported significant improvements in internal communication, order management, and overall staff efficiency. The Push-to-Talk feature particularly stood out, as it enabled quick coordination during peak hours, ensuring that no customer request went unattended. Staff could respond quickly to changing requirements on site and this helped to maximise revenue generation.



For organisations within the retail or hospitality sector, the Yealink DECT headset solution offers a powerful tool to enhance staff communication and operational efficiency. With its combination of push-to-talk functionality, call handling capabilities, and scalable design, it addresses the unique challenges of the industry effectively.

If you’re looking to streamline your staff communication and improve customer service, consider the Yealink DECT headset solution from Redcentric. Contact us to learn more about how we can tailor this solution to meet your specific needs.

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