Leverage the scalability, resilience and convenience of the cloud to support your growth and enable innovation.

Managed cloud services

Transform the way your organisation consumes IT services whilst offering increased scalability, resilience and security with cloud. Deploy applications and data across a range of platforms whilst ensuring your cloud services are always sized correctly to support your key periods and align to your budgets.

As an experienced managed cloud service provider, we have helped hundreds of organisations on their cloud journey. We work with you to identify your unique cloud roadmap and ensure your infrastructure is aligned to your objectives; whether you choose to consume public cloud infrastructure, develop your own private cloud, or adopt a hybrid cloud strategy.

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We had always "done" technology well but our own high standards and growth plans meant we had to exploit the new paradigm that cloud offers. Today we can be confident that, regardless of how many sites we take on, we can scale up our resources dynamically, the embedded resilience will cope with inevitable usage spikes and should we experience any issues, the Redcentric team is instantly on the case.

Delivering success with cloud computing

At Redcentric, we are proud to have worked with some of the countries leading organisations, delivering best in class network, cloud and collaboration solutions that help organisations succeed.

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