Oracle Data Integrator: enabling the transition to SOA


This article will review the web service features of ODI and discuss how they can be used to develop and deploy a 'data service' layer that will prove critical within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).

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Unified Communications: what have you done for me lately?


While on the face of it unified communications may seem to be an expense in these tough economic times, when you dig deeper there are clear benefits to be had.

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Top three considerations when planning your organisation's green strategy


The productivity and cost-saving benefits of Unified Communications are widely understood, but did you know that Unified Communications can also bring green benefits to your organisation?

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Unified Communications - are we on the path to licensing nirvana?


Redcentric takes a look at the evolution of Cisco's Unified Communications licensing, and ponders if we are edging close to licensing nirvana.

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Unified Communications: a change of mindset not handset


Unified Communications (UC) should be measured as a strategic asset, creating competitive advantage.

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