Explore cutting-edge solutions for High-Performance Computing (HPC), designed to unlock unparalleled processing capacity.

Colocation for high performance computing (HPC) systems

High-Performance Computing empowers you to expedite data processing, deploy advanced workflows, and unlock insights from vast pools of information through Big Data, AI, or machine learning. Specialised IT infrastructure is indispensable to underpin high-performance computing, ensuring the provision of high power and efficient cooling facilities. The enhanced capabilities of high-performance computing propel organisations to the forefront of their industries, creating a competitive edge and enhancing the customer experience.


Redcentric offers tailored infrastructure environments to meet your high-performance computing requirements. Our Gatwick data centre is strategically designed to deliver augmented power and a variety of cooling options, enabling swift data processing and reliable application execution, all accomplished in a cost-effective manner with minimal environmental impact.

High-performance computing hosting, your way

At Redcentric, our purpose-built data centres and private cloud platforms are meticulously designed to meet the demanding requirements of your operations. Tailor your environment by choosing power capacity up to 45kW per rack, and opt for either rear door or immersion cooling to efficiently manage your machines. With our high-speed, low-latency data connections directly sourced from our resilient core network, enjoy seamless connectivity for all your tasks, ensuring uninterrupted performance, no matter the scale of your operations.

Meeting your high performance computing needs

Unlock the potential of a specially equipped High-Performance Computing (HPC) data centre, designed to provide the power, cooling, and storage necessary for processing and analysing massive amounts of data:

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While a regular rack may demand as little as 3kW, an high-performance computing rack could necessitate as much as 30kW of power.

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With great power comes a significant amount of heat. High-Performance Computing (HPC) utilises specialised cooling technologies, including rear door, liquid, or immersion cooling.

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High-Performance Computing (HPC) users require the flexibility to expand, a capability that the right data centre can readily provide.

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Systems of such high value necessitate the utmost in physical and cyber security protection.

Delivering high performance computing from our Gatwick data centre

Our secure, award-winning UK data centre is the ideal environment to host high-performance computing systems. The Gatwick facility was specially designed for high-density deployments and includes:

  • Racks equipped with a ready-to-go power supply capable of up to 45kW, with sophisticated rear door cooling.
  • Incredible efficiency with a PUE of 1.14, helping keep your environmental impact and costs low. We also use renewable energy as our main source of electricity.
  • State-of-the-art uninterruptable power supplies (UPSs) which are carefully monitored and maintained to protect your HPC system from power failure.
  • The flexibility to house multiple HPC systems at once giving you room to expand your system in the future.
  • Choose from rear door or immersion cooling; our immersion cooling system has a capacity of up to 200 kW of heat dispersion, so no matter how dense your HPC is, we can host it for you.

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Technical Specifications for HPC

Power draw 10kW up to 45kW
Power delivery Three phase 32A (23kW) or 63A (45kW) A+B diverse power feeds
Rack-mounted cooling Rear-door water-chilled cooling
Rack dimensions 800mm wide x 1200 mm deep
Power feeds UPS and generator backed dual diverse power
Data centre cooling technologies Adiabatic cooling tower, Advanced Plate Heat Exchanges + Chillers, Immersion cooling
Backup power 2N generators


Why choose Redcentric for high performance computing

Redcentric are more than a HPC colocation partner, our infrastructure management not only includes everything you need to successfully run your HPC servers, but our complimentary services such as high-speed network connectivity, cyber security, and advanced specialisms in hybrid, public and private cloud can help you get the most of your infrastructure.


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