Rely on our expert Data Centre Migration services to alleviate the challenges and mitigate risks associated with relocating your valuable servers.

Supporting your data centre move

Embarking on data centre migrations can be a formidable task; however, numerous factors may necessitate a move from your existing colocation provider or on-premises solution. As your organisational demands evolve, your current infrastructure environment may no longer suffice in meeting capacity or connectivity requirements. Transitioning your infrastructure to new colocation facilities offers opportunities for cost-efficiencies, expanded connectivity options, and room for future growth.

Redcentric emerges as a reliable partner with a stellar track record in successful data centre migrations. Our meticulously planned projects, rooted in ITIL processes, ensure that your migration unfolds smoothly and safely. Trust Redcentric for expert guidance as you navigate the intricacies of data centre migration, making the process efficient and secure.

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We were able to move to the Reading Data Centre over the weekend and were fully operational on Monday morning. The team are a credit to Redcentric.

Our data centre migration capabilities

Relocating to a new data centre brings forth a multitude of benefits. With our wealth of experience, well-established processes, and dedicated team, you can be assured of a seamless transition. Trust us to make your move to a new data centre a confident and hassle-free experience:

ITIL processes

ITIL processes

Our migration processes adhere to ITIL standards, encompassing thorough assessment, meticulous design, and seamless implementation. This ensures a methodical and efficient approach throughout every stage of the data migration journey.

Technology analysis

Pre-migration analysis

We execute a comprehensive equipment audit, prioritise data backups, and assess cables and other critical equipment to guarantee a thorough and meticulous evaluation before proceeding with any data migration.

IT services Testing


We rigorously test your equipment in the new environment using the new connection to verify the presence and accuracy of every item in your inventory. This meticulous testing process ensures that your systems are seamlessly integrated into the new setup.

Benefits of moving data centre

Unleash the potential of your infrastructure by migrating to state-of-the-art data centre facilities, enabling you to realise a myriad of benefits, including:

  • Scale and grow efficiently: Ensure your environment can meet current demands and scale predictively with a cost-effective model, allowing for efficient planning and expansion.
  • Capitalise on market opportunities: Possess the capacity to meet current and future demands, fostering innovation and maintaining competitiveness in the market.
  • Minimise footprint: Purpose-built facilities optimise energy and cooling efficiencies, enhancing cost-effectiveness and reducing your carbon footprint.
  • Reduced risk: Our data centre migration teams adhere to planned timelines, preventing business disruption and mitigating risks associated with the migration process.
  • Ongoing support: Our expert support teams at each location provide 24/7 assistance. Count on our team as your onsite hands and eyes whenever you need help, ensuring continuous and reliable support.

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