Application vulnerability and risk assessment

In June 2014 the UK was the target of one the biggest cyber attacks. While British investigators and the FBI have managed to temporarily disrupt the GOZeus and Cryptolocker botnets, it is estimated that between 500,000 and one million machines have already been infected worldwide. It’s thought that the criminals behind the scam, which enables them to gain access to personal bank details, have defrauded people out of more than £60m worldwide.

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The problem is the latest cyber threats are “hiding in plain sight”. By this we mean the latest attacks exploit common business applications such as email, your browser, social media and file sharing applications. Analysis of most networks, show multiple variations of these common applications – many of which are not for business use. But when we look closer, the vast majority of malicious traffic comes from unknown User Datagram Protocol (UDP) applications and the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted traffic.

Cybercrime & Malware

With instances of cybercrime and malware on the increase year on year, it is estimated that the cost to businesses is now in the region of $120 billion dollars a year. However, with almost 96% of businesses reporting a significant security breach within the last twelve months, the true cost can be immeasurable when it comes to repairing a damaged reputation.

Would you like to get a better view of the security risks you are open to?

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Our FREE application vulnerability and risk assessment will take you under the lid of your network and will give you visibility and take you a step closer to eliminating these threats...

  • First you will gain visibility in order to assess the inherent risk within your infrastructure
  • Determine what applications are being used on your network and who is using them
  • It will identify known business applications and detect unknown applications being used as a threat conduit for malicious traffic.
  • Armed with this information you can design a “safe enablement” policy for the applications you need whilst blocking others.

90%+ of customers who perform the Redcentric analysis find multiple security incidents, compelling them to improve their security capability.

Your security report will include:

  • Visibility of all known and unknown threats including malware with botnet activity
  • Vulnerabilities within the applications used on the network
  • Personal applications that are being installed and used on the network.
  • Applications that can be used to conceal activity

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