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Disaster averted thanks to our own IP Telephony service!


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InTechnology Managed Services (part of Redcentric plc since November 2013) recently suffered a power outage at its London office, thanks to building work at a major development next door.

This would have ‘shut down’ a traditional on-site PBX telephone system. However, our own IP telephony service, Unity, made sure it was business as usual! Our highly adaptable, well supported Cloud infrastructure meant calls into our London office suffered no disruption as far as customers were concerned, which highlighted the main benefits of moving away from traditional PBX systems.

All calls to London’s reception desk were automatically passed through to our Harrogate HQ. Using our public Internet and nearby WiFi access on their mobile phones, users were able to immediately change their inbound call settings following the power cut. They had the option to re-route calls to their mobiles or ‘divert’ them to alternative contacts in our Harrogate office. Anybody without such access was able to ask our IT team to make those changes for them (the IT team still being online in Harrogate).



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