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Cloud-based document management gets an airing


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Matt Duncan of Redcentric partner, NetDocuments, was featured recently in an interview on the Legal IT Professionals website. It was a fascinating 10 minutes, and if you’re interested in either document management systems (DMS) or Cloud delivery models, then I recommend you give it a listen.

Although NetDocuments signed its first client over a decade ago, Matt was the first to admit that DMS in the Cloud was a bit of a slow burner. However, in recent years, the trajectory has been definitely upward as Cloud services generally gain greater acceptance and new drivers put pressure on traditional infrastructures. Simplicity, flexibility and mobility are all cited as key influences in the increasing adoption of Cloud-based document management. Moves to reassure clients about data security and confidentiality – such as partnering with Redcentric and its Tier 3, ISO27001-accredited data centres – are also bearing fruit. It’s still relatively early days here in the UK for DMS and this particular delivery model but Matt makes a very compelling case for why it might soon be the default choice for law firms of all sizes.



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