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Cloud Expo sees focus on security and hybrid cloud


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Cloud Expo EuropeThis week, I attended the annual Cloud Expo, which saw around 3000 IT experts and professionals gather to exhibit and discuss the latest developments in Cloud technology.

It was apparent from this year’s show that Cloud computing is migrating to becoming a more mainstream offering. Fewer companies were using acronyms such as IaaS, PaaS or SaaS, but rather Private Cloud, Managed Cloud Services or Managed Application Services. This is possibly a sign that the products are being repositioned for an audience beyond the IT department – and the fact that Cloud computing is set to become an integral aspect of all businesses in the future.

Hybrid Cloud Management and Services were also more prevalent at this year’s event, with Cloud services broadening out from just backup and hosting. More and more functions are being presented as deliverable through the Cloud. It’s a broadening market that is breaking out of its IT roots.

As ever, the issue of security was prevalent, and vendors and service providers alike are keen to prove the safety aspects of their products and services. Perhaps linked to this is the emphasis on the physical assets needed to deliver Cloud services. With a concept that can seem nebulous, having real assets such as data centres, networks and computing infrastructure can give users the reassurance of how the Cloud operates.

Security and a broader Cloud offering seem set to be the big issues for Cloud service providers this year. What remains to be seen is how companies that are only now positioning themselves as Hybrid Cloud providers can find a space for themselves in a market place that already has some established players.




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