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Your mobile management in our hands


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In an era of BYOD, managing mobile fleets is always a challenge. Every day the IT department is faced with another device that needs to be supported, updated and secured. We’re hoping that our new service, launched last week, has just made this process easier. We’re now able to fully manage mobile devices across all platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Samsung SDS and Blackberry. This means that customers can take full advantage of the capabilities offered by inbuilt enterprise mobility management (EMM) systems within BlackBerry’s BES12 and Samsung SDS.

BlackBerry’s always provided enterprise class security better than any other. Being able to use this functionality in BES12 across all platforms means customers get the best of both worlds. Added to Samsung’s strength in managing tablets and devices, particularly its ability to set both personal and professional access rules that come as part of Samsung SDS, mean that IT departments are able to separate devices and ensure only the permissible part of the devices interacts on the corporate network.

As with any solution, organisations best benefit from a tailor-made EMM system to fit user case, rather than a ‘one size fits all’ solution that tries to meet the mobility requirements of organisations across the board. Working closely with our mobile customers helps us understand what the individual organisation requires from an EMM system and how they wish us to build it out. As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator we’re able to offer solutions and advice for companies looking to develop and implement BYOD strategies, as well as the tariffs to support the policy.

Customers using our EMM system will no longer have to endure the often laborious and taxing process of managing a complex eco-system of devices. Regular device updates and managing security issues are simplified using an EMM system, and now we can take away the burden and manage all of the devices for you.

Cost-effectiveness and flexibility for workers are just some benefits that BYOD can bring, but organisations may still be discouraged by thoughts of security concerns and ongoing maintenance. It’s important that organisations understand that having an EMM system in place means not having to carry out constant upkeep in your BYOD policy and that as long as your provider uses a reputable operating system such as Blackberry’s BES12, you can be confident that data is kept secure.



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