If you’re looking to connect to HSCN, our resource hub provides resources to explain how software providers and health organisations can prepare. We offer advice and guidance to ensure your transition goes to plan.

As a trusted partner for the NHS as the Spine host and provider of the Peering Exchange, discover how we’re the largest CN-SP after BT and why we’ve been selected to support over 1,078 with their HSCN migrations.

Redcentric marks 1000th migration to HSCN

We’re proud to have delivered our 1000th HSCN migration, allowing organisations to benefit from improved network and bandwidth capacity, financial savings and easier and smoother access to clinical systems. In this infographic discover some of the history of HSCN and what’s led up to Redcentric being the second largest CN-SP (after BT).

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Why Redcentric For Secure Remote Access

HSCN Secure Remote Access Tokens FAQs

Secure remote access to HSCN services and data provides clinicians critical information to support them to make informed decisions on the move. Get your questions answered below on HSCN secure remote...

Why Redcentric for PSN Services

Transitioning from N3 to HSCN

By the end of the decade, the NHS’s N3 wide area network will have passed into IT history: as of 2017, the transition to the next generation Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) will begin....

Doctor talking to nurse in a hospital

Internet First: FAQs

HSCN is an important transitional step towards the Internet First policy, making digital health and care services available over the internet. In this FAQs article we look at what will this mean for...



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