Transitioning from surviving to thriving

When we look back at early 2020, no-one would have predicted the global pandemic. The pandemic has meant that organisations have had to be agile in their response to changing demands from their staff and customers. Organisations had to quickly invoke business continuity plans, enable their teams to work from home and put in new technology to support the changes in their working practices. However now the minds of business leaders are turning from surviving the pandemic to what they need to do to thrive and keep up with the competition in a much-changed business environment.


Employees and customers have clearly seen the power of the technologies used during this pandemic period, achieving things they never thought were possible and at expedited timescales. To survive through these turbulent times, organisations have been tapping into technology like:

  • Secure remote access – enabling employees to have access to corporate networks and critical applications, securely from their home or via mobile networks
  • Scalable IaaS platforms – giving organisations the agility and flexibility to quickly adapt their compute demands
  • Reliable network connectivity – providing assured performance to every part of their organisation
  • SD-WAN – with its built-in network security, centralised control and better visibility across all locations, allowing organisations to manage and control their networks remotely
  • Collaboration tools – supporting easy collaboration on documents and providing various communication methods between teams and customers
  • Advanced features in hosted telephony – keeping both the employee and customer calling experience consistent


What can organisations learn from others during the pandemic and use to re-imagine a better world of work to thrive in? If you are taking the time to reset and re-evaluate the technologies which have helped businesses to do what once seemed impossible and build on what has been achieved to ensure future agility and flexibility, here are some of the ways our customers have been using technology to survive and set themselves up to thrive in the future:


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Leigh Academies Trust had adopted a cloud strategy to provide flexibility and agility, which during Covid-19 helped enabled remote teaching and learning
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Telephony is critical to the success of Hays’ recruitment service – discover how they modernised legacy on-premise telephony systems across 100 offices and over 2000 end users during the pandemic
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