IT Services & Cloud Computing for Central Government

Central government departments are under constant pressure to drive real cost efficiencies through innovation and a “Cloud First” approach, but heavily integrated systems, legacy applications, ageing technology and expensive data centres make achieving this extremely complex. Tight budgets and the glare of the media spotlight add further pressure.

The need to drive real value from tax payers’ money is paramount for Central Government departments and with the right technology, government organisations can successfully rationalise their IT estates to provide the rapid interaction and online support that today’s citizens and businesses expect.

Cloud-based solutions not only allow these organisations to easily meet Cloud First directives, and provide the agile implementation and performance to allow greatly improved operational efficiencies and productivity, they also remove significant capital expenditure from their budgets, freeing up public funds to enhance frontline services rather than supporting legacy systems. At the same time they ensure secure remote working, easy collaboration across departments, systems and data, and improved business continuity.

“We’ve been thrilled by the success of this project and the transformational impact it has had on our ability to deliver. They really pulled out all the stops and we now have a highly secure, extremely reliable, Cloud-based platform which has helped us save costs and improve performance.”

Colin Mee, Head of Technical Support and Solutions Group - Department for Work and Pensions

UK data sovereignty

UK sovereignty provided

PSN Accredited

PSN Network Accredited

Official-Sensitive data

Authorised for Security Classified Workloads

ISO certified

ISO 22301, 27001, 9001 certified

Cabinet Office standards

Compliant with Cabinet Office standards

G-Cloud supplier

G-Cloud approved supplier

Cloud services to help meet your objectives

Redcentric delivers highly secure, compliant, cost-efficient services that enable you to align yourselves with the Cloud First mandate to deliver assured solutions to end users and citizens. Underpinned by a core platform with 99.99% availability, our infrastructure, platform and collaborative services greatly improve operational efficiencies and productivity over PSN, N3 and HSCN networks.


Improve your citizen services by rapidly and cost-effectively consolidating your development and hosting resources and embracing innovative applications – all backed end-to-end by 99.99% uptime and available over PSN.


Drive real value from your data and benefit from better business intelligence and insights with our DBaaS which takes IaaS / PaaS right up to database layer services.


Collaboration and unified communication services enables staff and government organisations to work closer together improving productivity by using data, voice and video services in a securely connected environment.


Reduce power costs and empower users through fast, flexible virtual desktop delivery, enforcing estate-wide security through simultaneous and immediate multi-site updates and controlled user-defined desktop access.


Significantly reduce the maintenance and energy costs of in-house infrastructure hosting, while still meeting stringent public sector security and UK data sovereignty requirements.


Accelerate the software delivery cycle, free up resources for innovative projects, and improve responsiveness by streamlining and automating your IT processes with our DevOps service.


Implement common platforms to connect multiple departments, agencies, authorities and organisations to facilitate the streamlining of secure data for quicker, greater business intelligence and insight.

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