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Healthcare institutions face constant and huge pressure to improve service at the point of care, provide properly joined up services, empower community care, and react with greater agility. Holding them back are multiple “segmented” systems, inefficiently utilised and ageing equipment, high maintenance and resource management costs and poor or sub-optimal hosting environments.

Increasing patient demands, the NHS Five Year Forward View, and finite NHS resources all make the cost-effective creation of new patient-directed, carer-supported and preventive-care models imperative.

With the right IT solutions, healthcare providers can substantially reduce costs while at the same time making headway in developing these new care models. Securely supporting remote working and mobility, technology can transform care, joining up complex services and provide the efficiencies to reduce the gap between patient needs and the resources to meet them. And as telehealth solutions grow, encouraging patient self-diagnosis and the use of telemetry information and wearable tech, the burden on A&E can be reduced and clinicians’ time spent more effectively.

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Cloud services to help meet your objectives

Having initially supported N2 services, the original NHS network, and with 16 years’ experience working across the healthcare sector, Redcentric is in an ideal situation to assist organisations with their N3 requirements and transitioning to HSCN with no-charge and minimal impact to service. We now support 15,000 locations connected with 4,500 remote access connections, provide services to over 300 ISVs delivering solutions into the healthcare sector and are accredited to host NHS national infrastructure.


Enable remote working, mobile healthcare and community care by providing healthcare professionals with highly scalable, secure, encrypted access to services, information and applications from anywhere.


Improve patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes by easily sharing electronic health records with authorised clinicians and hospitals in different geographic areas, using scalable, on-demand, usage-billed servers.


Save thousands of pounds with our virtual desktop infrastructure, removing maintenance costs and dramatically reducing equipment and power costs, while also significantly cutting down on clinician sign-in time, and improving data security.


Transform bedside care and improve staff effectiveness with a reliable, secure wireless solution that supports mobility and gives instant access to critical applications and health information such as prescription databases and patient records.


Use our tried and tested approach to deployment to prepare your site for reliable, secure, high bandwidth N3 connectivity according to your own timescale and budget.


Benefit from the resilient, secure hosting environments ensured by our N3 accredited UK data centres that use dedicated fibre links to provide the highest levels of availability for your patient data and clinical applications.


Drive value out of your data and use predictive analytics to improve early detection of medical issues, using our cost-effective Cloud database environment rather than expensive on-premise solutions.


For organisations looking to connect to the N3 network Redcentric, as an N3 commercial aggregator, can help streamline the process and help companies through the rigorous process of application and connection.

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