Oracle Database Appliance

The Oracle Database Appliance X4-2 provides One-Button deployment and patching for a highly available clustered database system. Pre-installed with Oracle Linux and Oracle Appliance Manager software, this appliance saves time and money by simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of a highly available database solution.

The Oracle Database Appliance is a 4U rack-mountable system specifically designed to run Oracle Database Enterprise Edition, with redundant and hot swappable components built-in to meet the high availability requirements. Each system has redundant server nodes, interconnects, storage controllers, power supply units and cooling fans. In addition, disk and flash storage are double or triple-mirrored and shared to ensure data availability and to provide accelerated database performance.

Combining high availability and simplicity, the Oracle Database Appliance X4-2 is the perfect clustered database solution for rapid deployment and maximum uptime.

Benefits of Oracle Database Appliance


The world’s number 1 database

Protect databases with Real Application Clusters & Automatic Storage Management


High availability database solutions

High availability database solutions for a wide range of applications


Cost-effective consolidation platform

Engineered system of software, server, storage and networking


Ease of deployment and management

Save significant time and effort throughout the management lifecycle


Reduced planned / unplanned downtime

Automatic monitoring and logging of service requests


Capacity-on-demand licensing

Flexibility to adjust your spend as your requirements grow

Oracle Database Appliance now supports application workloads through Oracle VM virtualization. The Oracle Database Appliance with virtualization provides efficient sharing of the platform with applications, capacity-on-demand licensing for both database and applications, and allow customers to dynamically grow and shrink database and application capacity with no restriction.

  • Fully integrated database appliance
  • Simple installation, patching, and diagnostics
  • Rapid creation of database snapshots and VM clones
  • Oracle Database Enterprise Edition
  • Oracle Real Application Clusters or Oracle Real Application Clusters One Node
  • Oracle Automatic Storage Management
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Oracle Linux
  • Oracle VM
  • Two database servers
  • 48 processor cores
  • 512GB of memory
  • Up to 36TB SAS disk storage with optional storage expansion

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