Citrix XenApp

Citrix XenApp is an end-to-end Windows application delivery system that offers both client-side and server-side application virtualisation, providing optimal application performance and flexible delivery options.

There are currently 70 million desktops worldwide receiving the best access experience because they are using the Citrix XenApp. With secure application architecture, organisations can centralise applications and data in secure data centres, reducing the costs needed for management which increases overall data security and ensuring dependable performance.

XenApp ensures IT can deliver secure applications as a service. On-demand access for users can be maintained whilst providing enough flexibility for IT to influence future application architectures. There are many benefits that make it an ideal strategic system for application delivery.


Intellectual property can be secured centrally to reduce the chance of data loss and theft. Supporting regulatory compliance and security objectives, ensuring that data does not leave the data centre without your explicit permission.


We have been developing our patented application virtualisation techniques for over 15 years to improve application responsiveness, reduce network bandwidth requirements and mitigate latency issues. XenApp can do this because virtualised applications, mouse movements, screen updates and keystrokes are the only things that cross through the network.


No need to hop between desktops as you will be able to respond to business necessities by accelerating the time to value of your applications and manage the delivery of your Windows-based application from one location.

Single interface

SmoothRoaming ensures that users can return to applications and data regardless of the device used or location so they can pick up exactly where they left off without interruption.