Janet telephony framework

The Janet Telephony Purchasing Service (JTPS) is a dedicated telephony and Unified Communications purchasing framework for Janet connected institutions.

What does the Janet Telephony Purchasing Service do?

janet telephony supplierThe JTPS provides Janet connected customers with a choice of approved, capable and experienced telephony providers. This delivers research and education organisations a list of suppliers that can provide telephony solutions that are value for money and technically robust. The framework allows a quicker process of procurement as it adheres to EU procurement legislation.

Who is the Janet Telephony Purchasing Service for?

The JTPS framework is for Janet connected institutions in the UK; universities, colleges, research councils and community learning providers. It allows these organisations to benefit from high service levels, increased call functionalities and cost savings by utilising a 'pay-as-you-use' pricing structure.

Benefits of the Janet Telephony Purchasing Service framework

  • Choice of Janet approved suppliers
  • Suppliers have met financial and technical requirements
  • Quicker procurement time scales
  • Go direct to suppliers or run a mini-competition
  • Purchasing process is EU procurement compliant
  • Established terms and conditions
  • No need to negotiate contract terms
  • Reduce telephony costs