Darren Adcock
Senior Cloud Product Manager

I work as a Product Manager within the Cloud Services Group and I’m responsible for our Redcentric Cloud (our Infrastructure as a Service platform), Redcentric Sovereign Cloud, and Redcentric Managed AWS.

I have over 35 years’ experience in supporting a whole range of businesses with different application architectures, helping customers to understand different infrastructure architectures and what benefits they bring and how they suit different requirements. Prior to Redcentric, I worked across a range of shared IaaS and PaaS solutions as a Product Manager for 14 years. I’ve also spent 18 years in various roles at Lloyds banking group. In 2001 I was responsible for a £20M strategy refresh programme and set the architecture for the core infrastructure of this project to ensure it achieved the predefined standards.

I’ve recently been working on the development and deployment of Redcentric’s new cloud infrastructure. Recognising that our customers wanted even more control over how they architect and deploy applications, we have launched a new IaaS platform which provides better performance and scalability and facilitates modern software development.

We’ve made a £3M investment in our IaaS platform using the latest VMware CF5 and HPE Greenlake technology. It’s a platform designed for modern applications which delivers hyperscale capabilities within a UK sovereign secure environment.

For our customers, the new IaaS platform provides rich functionality, a 25x increase in platform speed, and an overall 750% performance improvement. It’s a real alternative to public cloud, which delivers lots of benefits in terms of its capabilities and performance and it allows customers greater flexibility, enabling them to deploy applications in an architecture that suits them and overlay containers and other PaaS elements such as databases and message queuing systems.

We’ve been working with an organisation who have the largest executive fleet of Mercedes cars in London. With an expanding business, they wanted significant performance improvement from their IT Infrastructure to be able to deploy modern application architectures. They wanted to be able to deliver services that scale easily at reduced cost and that meant migration away from on-premises to a managed cloud platform. The team at Redcentric have been migrating them to our new IaaS platform – Redcentric cloud, enabling them to focus on their core activities.

We’ve also been working to design new architecture for one of our largest public sector customers who wanted to consolidate several suppliers they used to capture, process and store sensitive data used by 43 law enforcement agencies. They were looking to reduce complexity and centralise data on a single hyperscale platform, managed by UK security-cleared personnel. We’ve been migrating over 80 billion data records to Redcentric’s sovereign cloud allowing them to consolidate multiple storage platforms and systems at different locations, into one single national data set which is universally accessible within the national organisation to staff with the relevant access rights.

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