Steve O’Brien
MD – Cloud & Cyber Security

Before joining Redcentric, I worked across various organizations, ranging from small startups to large enterprises in the UK and Europe. My experience includes roles at BT Global Services, Samsung Network Division, Gamma, and InfoBip. I have a diverse background, starting from a technical role and progressing through sales enablement to management of services. This journey has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the end-to-end cycle of bid, delivery, and support across different technology stacks.

My role within Redcentric is to ensure the successful operation of the cloud and cyber-security division. Crucially this entails delivering the right products and maintaining a high level of service for our customers. To achieve this, I stay in touch with customers of all sizes. Our team’s objective is to deliver a best-in-class service and ensure customer satisfaction by providing solutions tailored to your needs.

Engaging with our customers is crucial for understanding your industry-specific needs and ensuring we deliver solutions that align with your goals. I actively participate in various touchpoints to stay connected. This includes attending service reviews where we discuss your experiences and gather feedback on our offerings.

Additionally, I take a proactive approach by involving myself in new bids and engaging in one-to-one discussions with both new and existing customers. Through these interactions, I gain insights into your specific requirements, the level of support they receive, and identify areas where we can enhance our services to better meet your needs. Importantly, I remain flexible and open to adapting our direction based on their feedback and evolving market demands.

In instances of escalations or service issues, I play a hands-on role in resolving them promptly. By addressing these challenges head-on, we not only rectify immediate issues but also glean valuable insights to improve our processes and enhance outcomes in the future.

Furthermore, I actively participate in presenting our high-level roadmap for cloud and cyber-security to our customers. Whether it’s through formal presentations to a room of stakeholders or discussions with individual Account Managers or Service Delivery Managers, I ensure that our customers are well-informed about our strategic direction and future plans. Additionally, I engage with customers through webinars, meet and greet events, and collaborations with partners to foster effective working relationships and understand how we can better serve your needs.

Our cloud roadmap is focused on developing further our unique selling proposition, which lies in the breadth and depth of services and skills we have across the cloud space. We provide comprehensive solutions rather than niche offerings, catering to customers who seek technical expertise across multiple solutions. Our focus is on delivering evolving solutions that cover various technologies and services, supporting customers through big changes in their business environment. We excel in delivering complex solutions, making us the go-to provider for challenging projects, as demonstrated by our successful collaborations with organisations like Heathrow and the NHS.

Currently, our focus is on optimising our existing platforms to ensure they meet the highest standards and fulfil our clients’ requirements. We’re proactively developing services, such as private cloud offerings, to enhance our capabilities and provide tailored solutions. Additionally, we’re investing in the evolution of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), public cloud redevelopment, and customer-facing tooling to improve consumption and management experiences. Moreover, we’re increasingly involved in application development, further expanding our service portfolio.

Customers can expect a lasting partnership with us, characterised by open communication and a commitment to addressing their needs effectively. I’m here to assist with escalation issues, gather feedback, and explore opportunities for improvement. By maintaining an open relationship with our customers, we strive to be the most productive partner possible, helping our customers to achieve their objectives efficiently.

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