Michael Dale
Head of Product – Cloud

I’ve worked with a number of managed service providers, and I’ve been on both sides of the table, as an end-user and on the consultancy side. I’ve worked in industries who are very innovative and who have challenging uptime requirements. These include Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), HP, Daisy and fast-moving businesses like British Steel, Fedex UK and Hays specialist distribution.

I’m responsible for bringing to market products and services within the Cloud Services Group which encompasses a very broad and deep portfolio of solutions. I strive to provide the technology foundations that enable agility and flexibility for our customers and help them to achieve their vision or strategy. We aim to give customers more time to focus on their goals by supporting them with cloud infrastructure, right from colocation in our data centres through to the complete modernisation of IT infrastructure.

We use a variety of feedback loops to determine what products and services will most benefit our customers. We take feedback directly from customers and our sales teams, and we look at the market and the trends. Then we look at our capabilities and bring that all together to ensure we deliver benefit and value to our customers.

We’ve already got a good breadth of solutions, and with the constant evolution of both customer needs as well as the technologies available, our focus is on increasing the depth in our portfolio so that we are always offering industry leading solutions.

As increasingly customers are adopting managed services and a pay as you go approach, we’ve been working on our IaaS platform – Redcentric cloud, modernising and updating our platform based on the latest technology from HPE and Greenlake.

We can offer complementary services such as Storage as a Service (STaaS), Database as a Service (DBaaS) and public cloud. Storage needs are growing: new applications create new data, more and more real-time data is needed and AI is driving explosions in data. We now want more data, fresher data and better quality images etc. We are now storing data that is ten times the size that it was previously, and AI is about processing that data and making it useful. On top of that, we’ve got a global lens, and algorithms that are looking through data globally because that’s an expanded knowledge pool that AI can now tap into.

For public cloud, we are standardising our current offerings. We want to be able to deliver a predictable journey to the cloud, with a structured approach and make migration into the cloud easy, and then help customers to manage workloads in the cloud. We are trying to allow customers to exploit the cloud tools. We are making that more accessible and available and streamlining the process for the customer.

We are keen to ensure customers can exploit the cloud tools available and make that more accessible, streamlining the process for the you. It’s a complex marketplace which is ever evolving and that presents a challenge to customers. We are a service provider who can advise and guide our customers because we have the breadth of technical expertise across different technologies, and the skills which our teams have amassed through years of  practical experience with exposure to different customers and industries, training and certification programmes, partner accreditation courses and research and development projects.

We’re a trusted partner with the knowledge and experience to be able to deliver modernisation programmes and transform the IT infrastructure that supports businesses to do things differently. We have the services that interconnect, the compute, the database, the storage and we can plug and play as many pieces as we need to deliver a solution.

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