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Our London data centre facility in Shoreditch offers a range of hosting services within central London only 100 yards from the ‘ring of steel’, including colocation and private suites.

shoreditch-data-centre.jpgRedcentric's London based colocation centre provides reliable and resilient hosting solutions. The data centre operates to high accreditations such as ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 to give the confidence in the security and management of your hosting environment.

The facility is a self-contained data centre that has sophisticated monitoring systems to continuously ensure the data centre’s electrical, cooling, fire and security systems are providing a high-grade environment. The data centre uses 100% green electricity and biodiesel, has dual 11,000 volt electrical substations within the data centre as well as being fed from diverse 132,000 volt external main substations to provide high availability of power.

Located in Tech City in Shoreditch, our London data centre is within walking distance of six stations, has parking on site and is easily accessible from the London airports.



Concurrent Maintainability

Guaranteed uptime as critical systems are duplicated reducing loss of power, cooling or bandwidth



Dual electrical mains feeds, six independent UPS pairs and four independent diesel generator systems



24/7/365 manned security, CCTV and biometric access control


Green and Efficient Cooling

All-DX chilling systems providing efficient and environmentally friendly cooling


Colocation Racks

Able to provide colocation hosting from quarter rack to full 47U racks


Private Suite Colocation

One of the few data centres in central London to offer private suites for complete equipment and operational security

London data centre connectivity

London Data Centre Connectivity

The Recentric London Data Centre has 25 connectivity customers that have PoPs into this data centre, which providers customers with shorter lead times into connecting their infrastructure at lower costs as well as providing a range of connectivity for further cost efficiencies.

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Existing City Lifeline customers

Acting as your single point of contact, the Redcentric Service Desk will log all interactions in our IT Service Management (ITSM) system and is responsible for handling support, Data Centre access requests, Security Access List (SAL) modifications and Data Centre delivery notifications. Information flow is a vital element of the service. Whether it is during a fault scenario or for scheduling maintenance, communiques, sent from the Service Desk, will keep you fully up to date. Redcentric also provides an online portal, allowing you to log and update support calls.

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We understand that your business requires a secure, reliable and highly connected hosting environment to operate business critical equipment and applications. With a wide variety of carriers and routes not only can our London data centre provide the reliability you need but also a cost-efficient hosting solution.

  • Redcentric’s London data centre is designed, built and operated to high standards of Concurrent Maintainability. Every part of every critical system in the data centre is duplicated. No fault or maintenance causes your colocated equipment a loss of power, cooling or bandwidth.
  • Everything affecting the availability of power, cooling or bandwidth to your colocated equipment is designed to be resilient to faults. Any individual part can be switched off for maintenance, and all data centre maintenance can be carried out without affecting your equipment.
  • Bandwidth is supplied from independent routers on two cables and sourced from multiple carriers to help deliver our high standards. No failure or maintenance affects you. Connectivity to other London data centres or to other colocation centres can be single or diverse, as you choose.
  • When you choose Redcentric for London colocation, you get a data centre designed for resilience. You get design for maintainability. You get reliability. You get protection from faults and operator errors. You get certainty that your critical services will keep going – all the time.
  • Our London data centre has dual electrical mains feeds and six independent fully-redundant UPS pairs. Power is fed from two 11,000 volt substations within the facility, and derived from two diverse 132,000 volt substations.
  • Redcentric takes Security extremely seriously. The London data centre is security staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. Security guards are trained, qualified and accredited. They make decisions and take immediate action when matters affecting building or Customer security arise. Things are dealt with courteously and firmly by a real human being who knows what he is doing and there is a controlled escalation procedure for more serious events.
  • The entire data centre has complete external CCTV monitoring, plus floodlighting as needed. Movements out-of-hours are detected and alerted by automatic analysis of the camera images and by separate electronic movement sensors. CCTV is recorded for evidence and analysis purposes, and notices make it clear to any potential intruder that they are being watched and recorded.
  • Entry and Exit is through controlled turnstiles. Access is available on a 24/7 no-notice basis to persons pre-approved by the Customer, and on a permission-based control system for persons not pre-approved. Out-of-hours, all entry points are blocked by mechanical roller shutters, leaving only fully-alarmed one-way reinforced fire escape doors.
  • Access throughout the London data centre is controlled through biometric fingerprint scanners. Access is granted by Security on a daily basis to specific, controlled areas of the facility. As a Customer, your access is secure, quick and easy. If you do not have authority, you will not gain access.
  • Every part of the data centre is patrolled 24 hours a day. All access points and fire exits are checked, all customer areas are checked and every individual colocation rack in every data hall is checked to ensure it is locked and secure. Any action needed is taken and reported immediately.
  • Removal of equipment from the data centre is managed through permission-based procedures, where only persons whom you have designated can authorise removal. Redcentric’s security keeps you and your colocated equipment safe from thieves or interference. You can access your equipment at any time of the day or night, without prior notice if necessary, but no-one else can touch it or remove it without your knowledge and permission.
  • The London data centre’s electrical systems are designed to high standards of reliability and resilience. No individual fault affects the operation of your critical colocated equipment.
  • Electrical mains feeds - Power is delivered from two 132,000 volt main distribution stations in different parts of London. One is in Clifton Street, only 150 metres from the data centre. The main distribution stations transform the voltage down and feed it to two independent 11,000 volt substations in different parts of the data centre. Each substation has dual fully-redundant feeds through two separate resilient ring structures. Both substations continue to operate securely and reliably even if one half of an 11,000 volt ring on either substation is lost.
  • Diesel standby power - If a power feed fails, automated detection systems transfer the power sources to on-site diesel generators. The diesel generation capacity available is more than enough to power the whole data centre indefinitely. Four generators, configured as two 2N pairs, ensure full power performance even if one generator in either pair fails.
  • Priority refuelling - The on-site diesel fuel tanks provide four days’ continuous running, and contracted priority re-fuelling ensures that adequate fuel is available even in the most extreme emergency.
  • Six UPS pairs - Electronic and IT equipment in the London data centre is supplied from six independent pairs of Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS). Each pair is in 2N configuration, with at least 15 minutes running autonomy. All are covered by fast-response manufacturer’s service contracts.
  • The London data centre uses all-DX chilling systems. These give the smallest possible footprint and the high energy efficiency needed in a colocation facility. The chilling systems are configured at 2N, meaning that their operation is resilient to any failure or removal of any part for maintenance.
  • 2N fully redundant DX cooling - Redcentric chooses all DX (Direct Expansion) cooling as the best fit for a central London data centre. DX provides the best use of valuable space. Heat is moved around the data centre as in 5mm copper pipes under extremely high pressure, typically 30 Bar. The choice of DX means very high flexibility and scalability in a data centre which is continuously under change, as colocation requirements change. Any escaping fluid turns instantly to gas, avoiding the leakage risks of water cooling in a multi-storey data centre.
  • Hot and cold aisle containment - Air is separated, with no mixing of hot and cold air. The high temperature difference across the cooling coils gives the maximum efficiency. Cold air naturally falls and hot air naturally rises, so the airflow is designed for cold air to fall into the cold aisles and hot air to rise into the cooling coils. Cold aisle temperatures are normally set at 22 degrees C, to cater for the many types of electronic and IT equipment that colocation customers may install in the data centre.
  • Redcentric provides secure data centre space for operating an organisation’s most critical operations. The facility itself provides 28,000 sqft (2,600 sqm) of space, over five floors, in the very centre of London. The colocation facility is 21 metres above the level of the River Thames, and does not suffer from the flood risks of sites in the London docklands areas. The data centre roof is a popular place to mount aerials and antennas.
  • Floor loading - The facility is constructed of concrete and steel to a live load level of 3.5kN/sqm. Most normal loads are well within this level. Exceptional loads can be accommodated with steel spreader bars between structure columns.
  • Fire is a rare occurrence in a well-run data centre these days. Modern server and telecoms equipment contains little combustible material and data centre designers consider the effects of fire and fire protection at all stages of design. But precautions and protections are still needed.
  • VESDA smoke detection - VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection and Alarm) systems are the primary defence against fire in the London data centre. Any fire in a data centre will always start with smoke. Sensitive smoke detectors under the floor and in the air movement areas above the floor detect the first signs of smoke. The data centre is manned 24/7 and they send alarms to the Security guards to investigate and take early action if needed.
  • Targeted active fire suppression - Data Halls and common colocation rack areas are additionally fitted with gas suppression systems for the suppression of fire if one should break out. These are manually operated and flood the data hall with inert gas, suppressing the spread of a fire, whilst allowing enough oxygen for any persons present to escape.
  • Private suites - Private colocation suites are always built to customer specification. They contain as much or as little fire detection and suppression as the customer requires, subject only to the overall fire safety of the facility.
  • Inspections and monitoring - Fire rarely occurs without warning. Redcentric has qualified, well-trained technical staff performing regular, scheduled alarm system checks and inspections of all risk areas.
  • Redcentric has developed sophisticated in-house data centre monitoring systems to oversee and display the active status of all critical elements of the London data centre. The Technical Operations team receives alerts if a parameter goes out of its safe band and takes pre-emptive action.
  • Monitoring on the move - The systems show the Technical Operations staff any changes to the data centre on iPhones, even when they are on the move. Monitor alerts are automatically raised if any parameter moves outside its acceptable range. Technical staff know immediately what is happening and can decide if any action is needed, even if they are not in the data centre at the time.
  • The key parameters - The important parameters for the correct performance of a data centre are the electrical systems, the cooling systems, the environmental conditions and the security status of the facility. Redcentric monitors them all, in real-time and the Technical Operations team are able to respond quickly and effectively to any event that occurs.
  • History recording - The entire history of the data centre is monitored and recorded at three second intervals for the previous five years. Long-term trends and energy improvements can then be calculated. The data recording is used for long-term improvement projects. History recording helps make the facility more efficient.
  • Reliability and service from monitoring - You know that the data centre is always fully monitored and the technical staff are always fully informed. They have the tools and information they need readily to hand. They are aware of everything happening and can and will deliver the level of service and reliability that you need. So, if there is a problem, the monitors will pick it up and someone will be aware of it immediately and will be taking action to fix it. So you have peace of mind that the London data centre technical staff are working behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly and as it should.

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