Making a step-change in your relationship with your data centre provider

We understand that moving data centre can be a very scary transition to make. You need to know you’re in safe hands and that you can put your trust in a provider who has the skills and experience to ensure a seamless migration. That’s a given. But often, when customers start to explore their data centre options, they discover there is a lot more to be gained when making that transition.


Beyond the search for a safe haven for critical infrastructure, key to getting better value is switching to a provider who has the ability to understand the bigger picture, and the offerings to support strategic initiatives.


Our customers are looking for:

  • a partner who can offer advice and guidance and discuss strategic objectives
  • someone who can bring relevant sector and industry knowledge to the table
  • comprehensive data centre skills and experience and reliable support
  • a commitment to investing in data centre infrastructure and a sustainable approach
  • an ability to add value with additional services which support strategic objectives


We spoke to one of our customers about their experience of making the move to Redcentric’s data centres and how that move represented a step-change in the relationship they could have with their data centre provider.


The customer, part of a European healthcare software services group with over half a billion Euro turnover, is a provider of critical software systems used in GP practices across the UK, and a key supplier to the NHS, high-street pharmacies, and other healthcare organisations.

Single point of contact

“At the outset, we wanted to find the right partner, not just the right data centre. We were at a point in time when we were changing and developing our software services. We wanted a single point of contact, someone who could help us to achieve our long-term objectives. We looked at five different providers, and Redcentric was chosen as our preferred partner.”


Complete solution: services, skills, experience, and partnership approach

“Redcentric provides a complete solution: the data centre, hosting, networks, and an entire range of complementary services but most importantly the right skills, experience and partnership model. In terms of experience, Redcentric are unique and ideally placed for us, with its heritage in providing services to the NHS and as the core provider of HSCN.


When we started to discuss our migration, we found lots of opportunities to improve our current services. Going forward, we’ve got one organisation to talk to when we’ve got new requirements, or when we need to discuss any issues we might have.”


Risk-free migration

“We needed to move half of our estate, comprising of 18 racks and some complex networking. The whole move was achieved within the weekend of change and without downtime for our GP practice customers. We had five or six issues, but all those issues were fixed within the change window that we had been advised.


This was the most complex project we have ever done, and the most complex we will ever do as usually change is more organic. This was an essential move, but so expertly managed that everything went perfectly well. We are extremely grateful to the Redcentric team.”


Strategic partner, skills, and experience

“With Redcentric we now have a completely different type of relationship to anything we’ve had previously with any other data centre provider. We’ve got a partner who we can engage with at the most senior level to have strategic discussions, as well as a team we can trust and who have the skills and experience needed to make the day-to-day happen. We work very closely with the team at Redcentric to solve problems and they bring their skills and experience to bear to help us to achieve our objectives.”



“We talk every week and sometimes daily, so we’re always kept informed about what’s happening, but we’re also able to have a conversation at the highest level of the organisation to help both parties to plan and agree how the Redcentric team can help us to achieve our strategic objectives.”


Better value

“We see Redcentric as a Tier 1 partner. We’ve got a strategic partnership with Redcentric, rather than just a commercial relationship. We really appreciated the fair approach that Redcentric adopted when negotiating terms. Commercially working with Redcentric has provided us with better value.”


Enabling focus on core activities

“We don’t need to worry about investing in the infrastructure behind the scenes which is essential to running our organisation. We can trust the Redcentric team to look after all of that. We value Redcentric’s knowledge of running data centres and their commitment to investing in them to keep them current, modern, and efficient ensuring they have the green credentials we need to see in place for the future.


We can concentrate on how we deliver even more value to our healthcare customers and strategically we are driving the business together.”


If you, like this customer, are looking for more of a partner relationship that you can rely on opposed to a supplier relationship then we can’t wait to have an initial discussion with you. To start the conversation about the way forward for your organisation, contact us to speak to our data centre experts.  


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