The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) is the UK’s premier lobbying organisation, providing businesses with a voice on national and international issues. The CBI represents over 250,000 public and private sector businesses and works with the UK government to help UK businesses compete effectively.

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Reduction in costs with free calls between sites

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Improved communication internally driving productivity

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Centralised solution supporting a global presence


  • The CBI has 11 offices, including one in Brussels and one in Washington. The majority of personnel based at CBI HQ, London, with operational teams UK wide and overseas
  • Managing CBI’s IT environment requires a workforce that is diverse in size and skills at each location
  • A global presence means that it is essential to access data securely 24/7 and voice communications must be efficient and economic. It is costly and inefficient to place IT staff with the range of skills required at each site.
  • Redcentric’s managed, centralised solution provides comprehensive IT and telecommunications support and management for all CBI employees. Services operate under a single SLA backed by 24/7/365 support
  • The infrastructure is based on the latest converged IP technology platforms
  • A UK wide area network links each site underpinning the hosted IP telephony service providing IP voice connectivity to international offices – offering free calls between all sites
  • Redcentric’s Managed Backup Service secures CBI’s core data and provides immediate access to stored data at Redcentric’s Tier 3 data centres. Access to critical data is also facilitated through the provision of CBI-wide Internet access via two Tier 1 Internet feeds directly into the CBI WAN and provided over Redcentric’s MPLS network.
Selecting Redcentric as a service partner allows us to focus on the strategy for the CBI. Redcentric looks after the technology and infrastructure, enabling us to get on with our business.

Business benefits

  • Fast access to securely stored and replicated corporate data and information
  • The CBI is now communicating at the speed of light, enabling CBI people to focus on what they do best – supporting UK business
  • CBI’s data security objectives are met as is the strategic need for a flexible, economic and modern communications infrastructure.

Operational benefits

  • 24/7 access to the right skills in the right place
  • Centralised management and deployment of all IT needs and resources
  • Redcentric provides the resilient infrastructure and operational skills to deliver support and strategic leadership driven by the CBI IT professionals.
The relationship with Redcentric provides the CBI with an enterprise-class, converged IT and communications infrastructure solution that can meet the future needs of all our UK operations.

Financial benefits

  • Direct cost saving from an integrated voice and data network
  • Expected reduction of calling costs by 20% per annum
  • Redcentric provides a framework for CBI to understand and control future costs and renewal of the communications infrastructure.
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