Data Liberation supplies state-of-the-art technology to the market research industry since 2002, specifically online reporting and dashboarding systems.

Data Liberation were keeping their IT hardware on-premises for data storage. This meant that they took on the burden of air conditioning, power and security. They turned to Redcentric in their search for a provider of managed colocation services, and have now ensured that with multiple backups of data sets, the chance of data loss is minimalised.

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What do you do and who do you work with?

We understand what customers want and translate that into systems to give them that data. At a high level, we write reporting systems for market research.
We don’t have research people with us, we’re the bunch that builds their backend systems. We work with lots of research agencies which then in turn work with other companies from SMEs to blue chips.

What were the key drivers to move?

Location, location, location – that is always going to be the number one choice for companies like mine. Of course, you had to tick all the other boxes like redundant power and fast connections but making sure the data centre wasn’t in the middle of London, or difficult to get to, is important to me.
We moved to Redcentric around 2013. I didn’t want to worry about air conditioning and power all the time, so with having our main rack in the Surrey Byfleet data centre, I don’t have to worry about cooling if it’s hot at the weekend.

Why did you choose Redcentric?

Investigating other data centre operators, I felt like my company wouldn’t matter to them. Yet, at Redcentric, though we may not be a large client, we do feel like we matter to you.
Also, I wanted to work with data centre owners, but a lot of people who say they own a data centre, in reality, do not. With Redcentric, I can come in and talk to someone I know if there is a problem. The security of knowing that I can get help when I need it from any level of seniority is very important to me.

I am proud to be able to say where the data is and how secure it is.

What would you say to someone else embarking on the journey of finding a colocation provider?

I would recommend that they come to Redcentric. Even if location is not ideal for them, I would still say to come here and look at their sites. Location is important to me, but it’s also everything else: it’s the staff, the ability to meet people and discuss things here, the emails and regular contact they have with you; it shows someone is there and cares about the business.
I always invite our clients to come to the data centre, to take them to see the servers that their data will sit on.

How is the ongoing service?

I am happy as long as I don’t have to phone you. If I phone you, there’s a problem – so that’s why you rarely hear from me!
Before Data Liberation came to Redcentric we were worried about the environment our servers were in – for instance, power, lighting, air conditioning. Now we have peace of mind that we know our servers are well looked after.

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