Nexcess provides a range of web hosting solutions, including shared hosting and virtual private servers, dedicated servers, server clusters and colocation. They are a leader in digital commerce providing cloud hosting for Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress and other platforms. With a record of reliability which speaks for itself, Nexcess chooses data centres that offer the best in reliability, control and performance.

As a US-based company, Nexcess wanted to expand their operations in the UK, but needed a UK-based data centre partner who could provide services with a high level of reliability and expertise. Our colocation data centres deliver 24/7/365 on-site remote hands support to Nexcess, alleviating any need to hire local engineering resources or expertise. Since 2011, Nexcess has significantly expanded their IT infrastructure, workloads and connectivity with Redcentric to sustain their continued growth within the UK.

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The Challenge

US-based Nexcess operated data centres in the US, but they wanted to expand their international presence by establishing a solid market share in the UK. In 2011, they purchased Future Hosting – an existing client of ours with three racks in our data centre – and began to expand their services in the UK from there.

They needed a reliable and flexible data centre partner for all their services based in the UK, who could handle all day-to-day maintenance of their servers. To maximise their return on investment they wanted to avoid hiring UK engineers, and minimise how frequently their US engineers were flying over. At the same time, they needed a data centre with easy access to the London market for when overseas trips were necessary.

As an international brand, Nexcess needed to ensure their UK-based operation upheld the same standard of service that they prided themselves on as a US company; so whichever UK data centre they chose, they would be placing a lot of trust with them. Since they inherited racks with us from the Future Hosting purchase, we had the perfect opportunity to prove we deserved that trust.

“Redcentric has been an incredible partner for almost a decade during our rapid growth and increased needs in the UK.”

Vik Patel, VP of Platform Operations | Nexcess

Being in the US, their partnership and skilled remote hands is critical to our success as we don’t have employees in the UK.

Why they chose Redcentric

  • With Redcentric providing remote hands services with proven support, Nexcess found a data centre partner they could trust without needing to hire or send staff to the UK for various hardware-related tasks.
  • Our 24/7/365 on-site technical support meant that they could trust us to fix a problem immediately, no matter what time it occurred, especially considering the time difference. This guaranteed they could provide a high-level of service and protect their reputation.
  • Redcentric’s engineers have extensive experience in helping companies with their digital transformation strategy, meaning Nexcess could trust us to take the lead on the upgrade and expansion of their hardware.
  • Redcentric ’s sites’ locations are close enough to London to easily connect to services there but can also be quickly travelled to from Heathrow or Gatwick airport when engineers are visiting from the US.
There is an undeniable level of mutual trust in our relationship with Nexcess, we consider ourselves to be part of the Nexcess team, and we’re proud that they think the same.

The Solution and the End Result

Nexcess and Redcentric now have a long-standing relationship with one another. Nexcess values the remote hands service we offer, and considers us a dependable and vital service. Nexcess now uses Redcentric for any UK hosting project, and we handle much of their UK provisioning, meaning their engineers only have to fly over for final configuration and deployment. Additionally, with Covid-19 and its related travel restrictions, Nexcess has also been able to completely rely on Redcentric’s engineers to help ensure their new services are pushed live, allowing them to do an entirely remote deployment.

Redcentric’s flexibility has also been a benefit to Nexcess. Nexcess has been provided with extra deep racks, and their latest racks have higher power density (10/11kW) than standard, allowing them to utilise HPC solutions. What started out as 3 racks of services with Redcentric, as a single site customer in our Byfleet data centre, has now turned into 17 racks’ worth of colocation space over 2 data centres.

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