Rockhunter are an Architectural Visualisation Studio based in South West London, specialising in bespoke photoreal architectural visualisations for architects, interior designers, property developers, and property agents.

Rockhunter had decided to move to an office-less way of working, and so needed somewhere to put their on-premises IT. By working with Redcentric they now have reliable colocation services, and lighting-fast network speeds that can keep up with their remote-working business.

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We caught up with Charlie Nicols, Head of IT & Senior Technical Artist at Rockhunter, to ask questions and hear first-hand his experience with Redcentric’s services.

What was the scope of the project?

The moving of employee workstations and internal IT infrastructure from an in-house environment to a data centre following an office relocation.

Why did you decide to move your servers into Redcentric?

Moving from being an office-based company we had to provide each endpoint with a sufficient client to work on as well as their machine based in Redcentric, restructuring our cost per user for an IT setup. We also had to make sure each person in the company had a sufficient and stable internet connection as we have gone fully work-from-home.

Working largely in 3D viewports the main target was having a stable ping to Redcentric – sub 25 ms. This was the main challenge as everyone’s internet/final stage home connections were different.

What made you decide to work with Redcentric?

Being new to incorporating a data centre as part of our infrastructure & also being a smaller company without a team dedicated to our IT and infrastructure needs meant we had to seek out a company that would support us through the process. Out of all the companies we visited and spoke with we felt Redcentric’s process & introduction was by far the most reassuring.

What was the migration/installation experience like?

It was potentially going to be a challenge as none of our equipment was designed to be in a data centre, nor did we have a pre-existing list of suppliers for our hardware needs.

After a lengthy planning process, on the day of installation the process was smooth. From a service point of view, we instantly saw the performance and connectivity of our users increase.

Any key improvements from where you were to how you are
with Redcentric’s new services?

It continues to be a pleasure to work with the Redcentric technical team, who we find to be enthusiastic, diligent and responsible and importantly, good communicators.


Redcentric has allowed us to move with the times and provide a better form of infrastructure that suits our remote working business model.

Why do you like working with Redcentric?

We have enjoyed the clear communications and quick response time from the on-site technical support. The Redcentric portal, set up to monitor and maintain our kit within the data centre, is also very useful.

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