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    Meet some new faces in our team…

    Rick Redcentric

    Rick Vere-Hoose
    Head of Commercial

    Rick joins the Redcentric team as Head of Commercial following roles at Alternative Networks, Avaya and a leadership role at Exponential E. Rick will be introducing himself as a key point of contact within Redcentric, keen to understand your IT challenges so we can support you not only today but with your future plans.

    Robin Redcentric

    Robin Corner
    Cloud Product Manager

    Robin joined our cloud team from Cerner Corporation in the US. Specialising in Core Infrastructure, Cloud and Security, he is working closely with other members of the cloud team to shape our cloud portfolio, ensuring it has the flexibility and agility to meet your future requirements.

    Shadrack Bernard Senior Network Solutions Architect Redcentric

    Shad Bernard
    Senior Network Solutions Architect

    Shad specialises in LAN, WAN, unified comms, wireless, security and AWS solutions. He's been advising customers on using enhanced features and functionality within existing technology, as well as supporting designing new solution requirements and solution refreshes.

    And some familiar faces…

    Alex Redcentric

    Alex Wilmot
    Solutions Director

    As our Solution Director, Alex is ideally placed to discuss our future roadmap with you and to take your feedback on what services we can develop to support you and your goals.

    Paul Redcentric

    Paul Tsang
    Head of Voice

    Paul has been working closely with our customers during the pandemic to ensure their communication solutions are enabling their remote workers. He will be able to talk to you about our unified communication and collaboration portfolio, demonstrating how other organisations are using voice services to support staff and drive better experiences for customers.

    Rob Redcentric

    Rob Smith
    Network Solution Architect

    Rob is a network specialist who has been working at Redcentric for 15 years. Recently Rob has been discussing people's network architecture and how they can start moving to SD-WAN as demands on our network's and application usages develop.

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    Call2Teams played a significant role in helping Hays staff continue to be able to work efficiently throughout Covid.

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