Total control of performance, resources and security requirements. Build your own private cloud to perfectly meet the unique needs of your business.

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We understand that your business requires a secure, reliable and scalable cloud environment that you can tailor to meet your needs.

As business becomes increasingly digital, IT needs to deliver more applications and data services quickly, cost-effectively, and at scale. Defining the right cloud strategy can give your organisation the competitive edge.

Redcentric brings together the simplicity and agility of cloud along with the performance, security, and economics of private cloud solutions.


Your dedicated cloud, your way

Redcentric’s Private Cloud platform allows you to tailor your cloud solution to meet your exact needs. Dedicated compute resource guarantees performance, and the choice of storage options makes it easy to configure your bespoke private cloud solution.

Dedicated Resource
Experience guaranteed compute resource, high performance and control, plus take advantage of private storage with multiple vendors available.
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Fully Managed
We set up, manage and maintain your environment for you, providing personalised, pod-based support from your account manager and team of cloud engineers 24/7/365.
Isolated Hardware
Isolate not only compute resource but also storage and networking, giving you total control and flexibility over resource allocation and enhanced cloud security.

Whatever BigHand needs from a hosted infrastructure perspective, Redcentric is supplying it, supporting it and strengthening our SaaS proposition as a result.

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Our hosted private cloud solutions allow you to run and optimise workloads in the best location and on the best infrastructure, without any major rework. We make it possible both to move to the cloud without re-architecting applications, and to scale your environment to other types of clouds.

We help you maintain and run legacy and mission-critical applications where it makes most sense, so you can:

  • Continue using in-house developed applications in your private cloud hosting until you’re ready to retire them
  • Avoid the expense of high-volume data management in the public cloud
  • Keep your applications and computing resources that support third parties or run critical core processes on-site

Extend your on-premises footprint with secure cloud capacity — without adding hardware. And develop cloud-native applications in an environment similar to your on-premises environment with the benefit of managed private cloud services.

Consolidate data centres or move off-premises for greater cost efficiency, improved lifecycle management and ease of operations — all while retaining your familiar technology stack.

  • Progressively migrate specific applications to a secure cloud environment at your own pace
  • Gain cost benefits and reduce IT Ops costs without expensive application modernisation
  • Maintain a secure and reliable private cloud

Optimise your governance, security and compliance mandates by running each workload in its best environment. Avoid exposing your business to increased risk through forced and possibly unnecessary migrations or modernisations.

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