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Redcentric is proud to be a recognised supplier on the NHS Advanced Telephony Better Purchasing Framework. Our commitment to delivering cutting-edge telephony solutions aligns seamlessly with the framework’s standards.


To discover the powerful capabilities of Redcentric’s healthcare telephony solutions, watch our video.

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Why Choose Redcentric:


As a trusted telephony supplier, Redcentric meets the rigorous standards set by the NHS England National Commercial and Procurement Hub

Proven Expertise
Benefit from Redcentric’s extensive experience and successful track record as a leading telephony provider
Modern telephony solutions
VoIP telephony which revolutionises healthcare with improved efficiency, flexibility, heightened security, and significant cost savings

Seamless Migration
Moving from your existing telephony system to a future-proof, VoIP telephony systems is a breeze

Benefits of Using the Framework

  • Easier Procurement: Accessing the framework simplifies the process, streamlining the procurement journey for NHS professionals.
  • Gain Expert advice: Gain increased confidence in your telephony procurement decision with expert advice and support provided through the framework.
  • Value for Money: Explore Redcentric’s clear, fixed, and scalable pricing model, aligned with the NHS Better Purchasing Framework.

For commissioners, the framework extends support in various crucial areas:

  • Requirements Identification: Assistance in identifying specific telephony requirements tailored to the needs of primary care.
  • Procurement Process: Guidance throughout the procurement process to ensure a smooth and efficient experience.
  • Migration Support: Seamless transition and support through onboarding your new telephony system.

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To provide more information and showcase our advanced telephony, we are holding a series of webinars, Modernising Healthcare Telephony, designed to meet the specific needs of both ICBs and individual surgeries.

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