It is increasingly important for workers to be able to access their data and applications while working from home or another remote location to support their productivity.


In this guide looks we explore how your employees can do this quickly, easily and, most importantly, securely.

    “Work flexibility is becoming the norm. The challenge is how fast can organisations provide it. Those that can are going to be in a far better position to retain top talent over the next three to five years.”

    Jason Phillips, VP of Digital HR and Global Chief of Staff for Cisco, 2019

    What’s inside

    A snippet of some of the guidance including in this ebook on a buyers guide on secure remote access:


    The remote working boom

    Discover how remote working has grown in both business and employee popularity, including how secure remote access supported those working from home during the global pandemic.

    Supporting productivity

    How are employees using secure remote access to support their productivity from home or working remotely in the field? Read about examples from other organisations on how they are using remote access solutions.

    Keeping your data and systems secure

    When your employees are accessing your corporate data and systems, how do you ensure that your meeting security requirements? Discover how your data and systems travels in transit when connecting over public internet using two-factor authentication.

    What to look for in a solution

    You need a secure remote access service that can offer you flexibility and modern approach, but what questions should you be asking potential suppliers? Get a list of questions to start you on your way.



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