Call Recording

Recording your organisation's phone calls has never been simpler, or more cost-effective. Our call recording service is a pay-monthly, hosted service - designed to be a perfect enhancement to our hosted IP Telephony service.

Unlike premise based systems (where each site has a platform for recording calls), our call recording service centralises all of your users and their recordings into a single web interface. The system is fully scalable and requires no hardware - you simply purchase licences as needed.

As the service requires no on-site servers, the costs associated with purchasing and installing hardware are eliminated. This provides any organisation with significant up-front savings, in particular those with multiple sites.

Benefits of our Call Recording service


Simple and cost effective

No hardware to deploy or manage. Simply add a licence to users who need to be recorded.


Capture all calls

Call Recording for external calls as well as calls between sites and internal calls, if required.


Secure, encrypted storage

All call recordings are stored with individual key 256-bit encryption in our secure UK data centres.


Easy access secure web portal

Recordings can be accessed via our easy-to-use web portal which offers different levels of access.

Cost-efficient pay as you grow model

Each user who requires recording is simply assigned a call recording licence. This then enables their calls made using the Unity IP Voice service to be recorded. As your call recording requirement or your organisation grows, it's simply a case of adding additional licences.

Central administration and access to call recordings

A secure web portal provides access to the Call Recording service, across all of your users across all of your sites. New users can be quickly provisioned and existing ones easily administered. The portal also gives authorised users access to stored call recordings, allowing them to search for and listen to recordings as required.

Multi-layer security

Our call recording service has been designed and engineered to provide maximum levels of security. All recorded calls are stored with 256 bit encryption and each recording has its own unique encryption key. Audit trails for access to call recordings can also be accessed by an authorised administrator. All platforms used to deliver the call recording service are also hosted within Redcentric data centres.

Playback service

Personalised call recording service available on fixed line and mobile devices which allows users, to choose within 72 hours, to keep individual calls recordings for up to 30 days. This is ideal for those that wants to review a call once the call is over, helping you to never forget another detail of your phone calls.

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