IT Support & Managed Services

The Redcentric professional services team is drawn from across the organisation, bringing together a unique mix of experience, know-how and talent to help deliver substantive value to its consulting assignments.

Strategists, designers, developers, technicians, engineers, analysts, security specialists and project managers from the worlds of infrastructure, networks, applications, communications and mobile are able to come together to deliver expert, targeted, outcome-driven assistance where it’s needed. It’s about helping you evaluate where you are, where you want to get to, how you can best get to that point, and how to maximise the opportunity once you’re there. Through extensive consultation, migration and optimisation, the target is to simultaneously achieve a virtuous circle of continuous improvement and business enablement.

We work how our clients want us to work, not in a restrictive manor but keeping things flexible, nimble, transparent, but always steered via a clear plan and programme with tangible goals and success factors.

The common denominator in every professional services engagement is that we are responding to a specific client need. We provide tailored responses to your requests for assistance, whether that’s for help of a strategic or tactical nature, short or long-term, on premise or off, single vendor or multi vendor environment, in a lead role or in support.

That keeps us totally client-centric, focused from the off on solving the specific challenges put in front of us and taking you safely through to the agreed endpoint – on time, on budget, with an efficient competence and management quality that breeds confidence from day one.

If you need to tap into our experience, leverage our knowledge, bring in our people to drive change or improvement, then we can build the team, design the plan and deliver the result.

Typical engagements include:

  • IT strategy
  • project management
  • change management
  • design integration
  • staging and installation
  • integration design
  • service migration
  • optimisation and performance tuning
  • physical lift and shifts
  • audits and compliance
  • application development
  • on premise and/or remote access support

Looking for professional services for public sector organisations?

Redcentric have SC-cleared personnel and expertise in providing specialist advice, consultation and skills that can help the public sector derive value out of IT investments. Our professional services can be easily procured over the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework and are listed under Lots 1 and 2.

Discover more about our services over the framework


With certified personnel and strong commercial relationships ensure we get the most value out of the major enterprise vendors such as:

Palo Alto
CA technologies