IT Migration Staging

It's not always feasible or desirable to adopt the direct migration route, hence Redcentric's staging solutions. These are designed to allow organisations to move at their preferred pace or to make more expansive programmes achievable through a phased, measured approach.

Staging is more than a preparatory test, moving towards your target solution, but a key part of the project lifecycle and crucial to maximising the chances of a smooth, successful go-live.

Such is our capability, resource and industry reach that we can offer staging support for almost any requirement from:

  • User, application and data migrations
  • Complex multi-service moves into the Cloud
  • Nationwide device replacement schemes
  • Data centre moves

Key to our work is the ability to rigorously test and trial components either on premise or within our own environment. Not only does that help at the sharp end in potentially reducing onsite time and the likelihood for issues or failures, but it also removes the burden of multiple supplier or vendor management from the client. With Redcentric, you have the capacity, the expertise, the efficiency, and above all the accountability for this critical phase.