IT System & Security Audits

Most organisations today have complex IT infrastructures that have evolved over time. They can often be poorly documented and are so extensive and disparate that it is impossible to get any real clarity and certainty around your corporate network.

Redcentric’s audit services rely on proven methodologies and programmatic approaches to help ensure that organisations no longer have to run blind to the security, operational and financial pitfalls that lurk in their IT estates.

We offer a number of core services but each one can be tailored to the precise needs of our clients. In broad terms our work encompasses:

Security audits – A full review of the network and all connections in, identifying actual threats and potential vulnerabilities; identification of non-authorised application use; scrutiny of policies and user behaviour. The aim is not just to strengthen both the perimeter and core, but to improve both compliance and continued awareness of the threat landscape.

Healthchecks – A very system-focused initiative, auditing topologies and configurations, running diagnostics, checking versions, making recommendations for performance tuning.

Database healthchecks – A specialist skill set that we leverage to ensure your databases are working as quickly and reliably as possible, identifying bottlenecks, alerting users to new features and championing best practice. We also check to see whether you could benefit from reduced licensing costs and highlight any ‘out of support’ software liabilities.

Licence reviews – Our aim is to balance optimal deployment and desired performance with cost licence requirements. We research your complete licence position and map it to business needs, eliminating wasteful provisioning, redundant licences and improper usage.

Out of support and end of life reviews – Our audit teams can identify the risks associated with software and hardware that’s either coming out of support or that has been marked as end of life. They can also help devise suitable migration plans and keep organisations on the front foot when it comes to transition.