Enhanced Firewall options: Web Filtering

Redcentric offer Web filtering as an enhanced option for the managed firewall service; depending on which service is chosen, the following functionality may be available.

Website category lists are usually managed and maintained centrally by the firewall vendor to provide the best possible service.

Redcentric will define a single web filtering approved category list profile which can be tailored and applied to IP addresses and/or user-groups as required. This single profile is usually sufficient for the majority of organisations however Redcentric can create and administer additional category lists as required.

Depending on the model selected, it may be possible for Redcentric to configure the firewall in such a way that your IT team can administer web filter policies. The action to be taken when users attempt access to disallowed sites can be defined by your IT team, with options including: denying access, permitting access after a warning message has been presented to the user, and email notification to the IT team.

Depending on the firewall model selected, your IT team may be able to access log information pertaining to web access attempts remotely.