New Redcentric Call2Teams™ service enables PSTN calling from within Microsoft Teams

Give your O365 users a Microsoft Teams PSTN calling function with Call2Teams™. There’s no doubt that Microsoft Teams has been a godsend in recent weeks with its messaging capability but it’s also a good time to appreciate its broader potential, particularly in relation to increased choice around telephony.

Have a think about your own organisation and ask yourself if you fit into any of the following categories:

  • You have an ageing PBX or multiple PBXs and are considering refresh and consolidation
  • You are mature users of Office 365 but are looking to exploit new capabilities
  • You want to deploy a hybrid service that blends the collaboration capabilities of MS Teams with a richer voice feature set
  • You’re relying on external apps for collaboration and conferencing but would like to standardise on one unified tool
  • You’re keen to move voice and collaboration capability to the cloud/managed service provider, for economic, operational and continuity reasons
  • You’re looking to move to a single common platform and streamline vendor management

If you do fit somewhere, then you might want to assess the new Redcentric Call2Teams™ service as a compelling route forward.

This is a new service from Redcentric that gives O365 users a Microsoft Teams PSTN calling function with their teams environment. Even taken on a standalone basis this is a bit of a winner, but when taken as a hybrid service in conjunction with Redcentric’s IP telephony, you’re also able to weave in key overlay services like hunt groups.

Suddenly, you have a very quick, and risk-free means to:

  • Use Microsoft Teams as your enterprise collaboration and calling service of choice, with users having a single pane of glass
  • Take the service and still be able to leverage advanced PBX features like call centre, call routing and hunt groups, which Teams doesn’t offer
  • Streamline your legacy telephony into one universal Microsoft platform, with its cloud delivery enhancing continuity, flexibility and remote working

Critically, the service provides more cost-effective tariff options, removing the need to subscribe to a set Microsoft calling plan and its ‘use it or lose it’ restrictions.

So better value for money, more functionality, slicker environment, more user-centric, greater productivity, improved disaster recovery…what’s not to like?

Make the call!

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