InTechnology implement network upgrade in advance of 2012 Olympics

25 April 2012

Investment brings a 600% nationwide hike in Internet bandwidth

Leading managed services provider, InTechnology, has implemented a network upgrade in advance of the 2012 Olympics. The upgrade, which brings a 600% lift in Internet bandwidth split across the UK's two main Internet hubs in Manchester and London, will add an extra layer of resilience for the company's customers nationwide.

The investment from InTechnology comes just weeks after The Internet Service Providers' Association warned of a "massive hit on infrastructure" during the London Olympics, suggesting that businesses who allow employees to watch streamed content of the Games could encounter significant problems.

Ian Rhodes, platform director at InTechnology, said: "This latest upgrade is part of our ongoing investment programme and is aligned with the Olympics' timetable to ensure our customers are not inconvenienced by the widely anticipated peaks in Internet traffic during the Olympics and Paralympics."

"We will also have a permanent engineering presence in London during the Games supporting our network points of presence (PoPs) across the capital to ensure minimum disruption."

Recent research from the Global Sports Forum suggests that the Internet has surpassed television as the primary platform for 18-35 year olds to watch and engage with sport. Already hailed as "the Twitter Games", the London Olympics look set to be the first Olympic Games in the full glare of social media. With a large percentage of the Olympic events taking place during working hours, the knock-on effect could be an unmanageable increased demand for a business's Internet bandwidth.

Rhodes adds: "The explosion of social media platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, and the convenience of watching live-action sports on business PCs or your own mobile devices will inevitably mean that Internet access around the London Olympics will be congested and slow, putting an increased burden on business bandwidth.

"It's important therefore, that IT managers assess how much London 2012 will expose their particular organisation to a reduced service and should manage end-users' expectations.

"It's also important to establish that your Internet service provider (ISP) has enough bandwidth to support your strategy for the Games. With the security lock-down of manhole covers and other network access points already underway in the capital, businesses must ensure their ISP has not just bandwidth availability but also network resilience. This is precisely why InTechnology has taken the steps to manage this situation before the Games begin at the end of July."

To help businesses negotiate the hurdles of securing hassle-free business Internet access during the Olympics, Ian Rhodes suggests that IT managers and organisations consider the following five questions:

1. Are you going to allow employees to watch the Olympic events at work, and if so when, where and how much time can be spent doing so?

2. Do you adequately manage access to social media?

3. How will you ensure you have sufficient bandwidth?

4. Have you assessed the impact of Internet congestion on your business?

5. Would it make more sense to provide access to the Olympic events on a few standard television screens in your office?