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28 December 2012

Calyx successfully completes two upgrade projects for Marie Curie Cancer Care

Calyx’s Professional Services team has recently completed two projects at Marie Curie Cancer Care, competently managing risk and demonstrating our commitment to mutual success.

Project 1: Domain Controller Upgrade

This project was the upgrade of Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Active Directory schema and associated operating system of all 27 Domain Controllers across the Marie Curie estate to Windows Server 2008 R2, which was delivered across multiple sites throughout the UK.

The challenge for Calyx was to upgrade live systems that are the sole gateway for users onto the network – if these systems are not up and running, users cannot access network resources and key business systems are unavailable.  Calyx had to deliver this work out of hours, working to a maximum 12 hour downtime window and required careful planning and coordination with the site contacts, and also regular update meetings with the Calyx Change Authority Board to ensure that the project delivery met expected standards.

The additional Group Policy functionality presented by a Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory will deliver real benefits in the ability to administer the desktop environment.  It also prepares the domain for a future Windows 7 upgrade, which Marie Curie may embark upon in the near future.

It is also important to note that despite the project carrying significant risks to not only Marie Curie users but also the Marie Curie Service Desk, no increase in support calls were raised throughout the entire project. This is a massive achievement, and illustrates how we ensure that at all times, the risk to the Service Desk is of paramount importance, and project success relies on this.

Project 2: SAN & VMware Upgrade

This project was to upgrade the existing VMware and HP P2000 SAN environments in both the Reading and Harrogate data centres.

The purpose of the project was to ensure the infrastructure was in place so that 1,500 nurses could be added to the existing Exchange environment, forming a ‘sub-project’ that Calyx are currently undertaking as a result of the success of the SAN and VMware upgrade.The challenge for Calyx was to upgrade live VMware Hosts, and carried significant risks to the live Exchange environment as it could have impacted all users across the Marie Curie estate. Consequently, this work was delivered out of hours to reduce the risk to Marie Curie users and the Marie Curie Service Desk.

Communication between Calyx and Marie Curie was of key importance to the success of this project, and as a result, there was no increase in the volume of support calls on the Marie Curie Service Desk.

As a result of the success of these projects, Marie Curie Cancer Care calls upon Calyx for further project work due to our ability to deliver them successfully by our Professional Services team.