Improving Customer Experience with Voice

Today, it’s not news that customer experience is key. For any business success, it is imperative to deliver a customer experience that customers are satisfied with. However, with the growing capabilities of new technologies, customer expectations have also been on the rise. 


With this, the concept of omni-channel communication has emerged as a game-changer in handling increasing customer expectations and an increasing number of customer touchpoints. 


By seamlessly integrating various channels, including voice, social media, emails and more, businesses can create a unified and personalised experience for their customers across various touchpoints. 


Why Omni-channel Communication?

The movement towards omni-channel communication has been nothing short of revolutionary in terms of delivering customer satisfaction.


Typically, customers can use between three to five different communication channels to reach out to a company, whether that is voice, SMS, email, social media, or website. 


With a traditional multi-channel approach, these channels operate in silos and are not connected. An omni-channel approach, on the other hand, aims to provide customers with a cohesive experience across all touchpoints. Hence, live agents can see the entirety of a customer’s journey, whether it’s through social media, email, live chat, or voice calls.


With customers expecting consistency and seamless transitions as they interact with a brand, an omni-channel approach supports that need, enhancing convenience and improving customer satisfaction.


Now, where do voice calls come into the picture here? 


By integrating voice calls into the omni-channel mix, businesses can offer customers a more personalised and humanised interaction. The problem with many digital interactions and touchpoints is that they may lack the warmth and authenticity of human communication. 


With voice calls, a friendly voice on the other end of the line can make all the difference. Voice calls allow businesses to connect with customers on a more personal level, addressing their concerns, answering questions, and providing support in real-time. 


Challenges of Omni-channel Communication

Of course, making the shift to omni-channel communication is not easy. One of the primary challenges is ensuring seamless integration across these multiple channels. 


Another challenge is managing rising customer expectations effectively, especially as customers become accustomed to the convenience and immediacy of omni-channel communication. 


Businesses need to strike the right balance and ensure that customers receive timely and relevant support while also preserving the human aspect! 


This is where investing in robust infrastructure and technology solutions can assist in delivering a truly seamless omni-channel experience.


Benefits of Voice Calls

Voice calls serve as the linchpin for collaboration between teams to deliver an outstanding customer experience. This works for communication between customers and businesses, but also within departments. 


With better communication, voice calls encourage better collaboration capabilities. Unlike text-based communication, voice calls enable team members to convey tone, emotion, and nuance more effectively. 


This can lead to smoother project workflows, quicker decision-making, and ultimately, better outcomes for both the business and its customers.


Furthermore, shifting to voice calls also means gaining access to call recording data. This data offers invaluable insights that can help businesses understand their customers better. 


Through call recording data, companies can gain valuable feedback, identify trends, and uncover areas for improvement. 


Making the switch to Omni-channel with Redcentric

By leveraging the power of communications, businesses can create more meaningful connections with their customers, foster greater collaboration within their teams, and gain valuable insights into customer preferences.


As technology continues to evolve and customer expectations continue to rise, embracing omni-channel communication will be essential for businesses looking to thrive and grow. 


Here at Redcentric, we have over 25 years of experience in communication services and have helped countless clients to create a successful omni-channel solution that best suits their needs. 


One example of driving improvements through communication solutions is with our work with City View Medical Practice. From adopting Redcentric’s hosted telephony solutions, City View Medical Practice was able to see a significant uptick in their patient’s experience with service quality. Redcentric’s call routing solutions allowed for a 10.8% increase in total inbound calls answered vs the average. 

Want to learn more about our omni-channel solutions to see how your customers and agents can benefit? Reach out to us to book a demo today!

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