Security and power supply tarnishing London's data centre appeal

31 July 2012

"Concerns about London's ability to provide the necessary power and security to host corporate data are growing," according to research from leading Cloud services provider, InTechnology.

InTechnology polled attendees at a recent open day at its new data centre in Reading. It found that 50% of respondents were concerned about disruptive and unreliable power supply in the capital. When questioned further, 90% pinpointed their reluctance to explore data centres in the city as a result of unpredictable power outages and growing security concerns.

Stefan Haase, divisional product director, data cloud services at InTechnology, said: "For the majority of data centre applications it's no longer a prerequisite to have a data centre presence in London. With the Olympics now underway, the pressure on data infrastructure in the capital is mounting daily, putting a huge strain on an already overstretched power supply.

Add to this the fact that power supply in the capital is now 30% more expensive than in other parts of the country and it's easy to see why businesses are exploring geographic alternatives."

A number of respondents pinpointed security as a major factor in their decision-making process. "The shambles surrounding the physical security of the Olympic Games has only fuelled the fire, making potential customers question the need to base their data in the capital," continued Haase.

As a result of London's rising costs and perceived security concerns, InTechnology based its latest, state-of-the-art data centre in Reading. The multi-million pound facility has been designed with energy efficiency, security and protection at its core. The data centre is built to Tier 3 standards, aiming to achieve a Power Unit Effectiveness (PUE) rating of 1.25 or better.

Also in attendance, strategic partner, the Cloud Circle Forum indicated through its own research that 34% of people see data centre security as the most important part of a service level agreement.