InTechnology launches guide to help businesses cope with disaster

15 May 2013

A new business guide has been launched online today by one of the UK's leading Cloud and IT service providers, to help UK businesses survive a potential disaster.

Managing costly power outages, IT failure, flooding and even terrorism are some of the potentially damaging scenarios examined in the 'Would Your Business Survive?' study produced by InTechnology.

Designed to provide a vital resource to businesses of all size and sector, the guide is free to download and offers advice on areas such as risk management and strategic business planning.

Research has shown UK businesses lose £2bn* each year due to IT downtime and service failures, whilst £374m** worth of fraud was committed by individuals against their employer - just some of the business risks tackled by the guide.

Stefan Haase, Product Director at InTechnology Managed Services said: "Our research underlines how businesses of all size and sector need to prepare for the unexpected. There have been many high profile cases where firms have been badly impacted and have even not survived due to outside forces such as IT downtime caused by power outages that were never planned for."

"Hopefully this guide provides the road map and strategic guidance for firms to tackle a disaster and mitigate disruption - to ensure that business continuity can be maintained."

Both the guide and the accompanying infographic can be downloaded for free here.

*Statistic from study by CA Technologies

**Statistic from study by KPMG