InTechnology guide shows the relationship between data sizes

16 October 2013

Laptops, tablets and smartphones are becoming increasingly integral to our everyday lives. This means we have to handle and work with different types of data on a daily basis, but what do they all mean?

To help make sense of the array of different data sizes out there, managed service provider InTechnology has created the handy data visualisation Byte Size.

As well as showing you the relationship between bits and bytes, terabytes and petabytes, Byte Size also provides some helpful facts to help you to contextualise these different forms of data.

Did you know that the human brain has a memory capacity of around 2.5 petabytes? Or that a zettabyte is equivalent to over 281 trillion MP3 audio files?

Stefan Haase, Divisional Director at InTechnology said: "We help our clients to manage their data every single day, and are constantly asked 'what exactly does a terabyte of storage get me?' or 'will 500GB be enough to store all of my businesses important documents?'"

We hope that Byte Size will help everyone to understand the relationship between data sizes that little bit better.