InTechnology can reduce data management costs by up to 40%

21 July 2009

InTechnology is helping many customers reduce data management costs by up to 40 per cent with its Managed Data Archiving Service. Provided on a 'pay-as-you-go' basis, the service is now being delivered both via the cloud and integrated into InTechnology's future Unified Communications offering. It provides email and file system archiving for Microsoft Exchange and Windows file servers, allowing customers to roll-out a data archiving strategy quickly and cost effectively, while simultaneously improving the reliability of email services.

At the heart of the solution is Symantec Enterprise Vault, which provides a secure, scalable, and flexible approach to archiving the data, indexing it and storing it centrally. Many InTechnology customers are already experiencing cost savings of up to 40 percent in terms of data management and storage with Symantec Enterprise Vault.

Cutting through the spiraling cost of email management

The proliferation of electronic data, combined with the constraints of legal and compliance requirements has resulted in significant challenges in the management of critical Microsoft Exchange email servers and data backups. Stefan Haase, Marketing Director at InTechnology, explains: "When we talk to customers, it's apparent that as much as 70 percent of their data, especially email and file server data, is not active. The data is not needed back immediately for disaster recovery or business continuity purposes and would be better served residing in an archive."

Working with customers to optimize their data archiving, InTechnology uses Symantec Enterprise Vault to efficiently manage their Microsoft Exchange email storage via automated, policy-controlled archiving to storage residing in InTechnology data centres.

The Symantec Enterprise Vault File System Archiving solution enables the InTechnology team to free up space on customers' file servers, reduce their overall storage requirements, and keep all content fully searchable and instantly accessible to the end users.

"InTechnology's new offering, based on Symantec's Enterprise Vault software, expands the options that enterprise businesses have to address the challenge of managing and archiving an ever-expanding amount of information," explains Ian Wood, Information Management Group at Symantec. "Together, Symantec and InTechnology will help clients manage their data more efficiently to reduce costs and enable faster access to critical business information."

Given the growing volumes of electronic data, there is an incredible demand in the market for our joint solution. And pay as you go is the perfect remedy in a difficult economic climate. With their proven expertise and state of the art data centre, InTechnology is the perfect partner to offer the Symantec software solution as a managed service."

Live for three years, the Managed Data Archiving Service based on Symantec Enterprise Vault now has over 15,000 end users.