Legacy phone systems no barrier to IP telephony migration for law firms

30 March 2009

As part of its on-going commitment to help law firms make a successful transition to IP telephony, InTechnology has launched a new service designed to overcome one of the major obstacles to migration: what to do with legacy PBX systems.

The data, network and telephony management specialist will now offer a SIP Trunking solution called PBX Connect, enabling firms with legacy PBX systems to make and receive calls via InTechnology's network. It has been designed specifically for those keen to embrace IP telephony but for whom a 'rip and replace' approach to their existing systems is not viable. All that's required is a connection into InTechnology's MPLS-based LANnet network, over which Internet, network and data services can also be run for truly converged communications.

PBX Connect can also be deployed together with InTechnology's Hosted VoIP service, allowing the delivery of a seamless IP telephony solution across an organisation that integrates legacy PBXs.

"The availability of PBX Connect enables companies to benefit from IP telephony whilst utilising investments they have already made in PBX systems," explains Phil Dyson, Product Group Manager for InTechnology. "As the service is delivered across our nationwide network, this removes the need for two separate voice and data networks. The resultant IP convergence can offer our customers significant cost reductions.

"However, the benefits of IP telephony go far beyond financial. For example, in the event of a site outage, calls can instantly be rerouted to an alternative location, protecting law firm operations and ensuring compliance with business continuity requirements. PBX Connect brings benefits like this to legacy PBX systems."

InTechnology provides a fully managed, low risk migration process to IP. This includes the use of PBX Connect when it is not appropriate to replace the PBX at that time, and the delivery of its own hosted VoIP platform when it is.