Inbound Call Manager - Answering Service

Redcentric’s secure call management portal consolidates your geographic and non-geographic number translation services, such as 0843 and premium rate numbers, allowing users to customise their voice routing procedures in line with real-time customer needs. With no hardware to procure, and the ability to operate behind the safety of your corporate firewall, Redcentric's Inbound call management portal increases the efficiency of your call answering service while improving the customer experience.

Inbound call management is part of our geographic and non-geographic number translation services. Switching is risk-free, with an average turnaround of just five days, and as numbers can be allocated immediately a seamless migration for inbound calls is offered as standard.

The inbound call management portal removes the frustration felt by callers when they are met with a persistent 'engaged' tone or regularly unanswered calls. Manipulate inbound plans to ensure maximum successful call rates, or route calls according to geographic location - as the call manager you have total control over the customer experience and can proactively increase customer satisfaction levels. Similarly, by setting a 'backup' line or number for use during disruptive incidents, you can ensure business continuity at all times.

Benefits of our Call Management portal


Secure online portal

Manage number translation services within a simple 'drag and drop' interface.


Access real-time data

Improve your call management control and make changes using real-time information.


Control call queuing

Increase customer satisfaction and dialling experience by managing queuing.


Disaster Recovery

Prepare for disruptions or outages by setting up a backup line/number.

Managing your inbound calls

Through the simple 'drag and drop' interface you can tailor the distribution of calls, control queuing, designate disaster recovery plans and upload announcements, with changes taking effect instantly to ensure that you are responding in real-time. And the portal is not just useful for reactive change: end users can proactively enable features ahead of anticipated spikes in activity, such as at Christmas.

Flexible call routing

Flexible call routing increases the efficiency of geographic and non-geographic number translation services, with this rise in efficiency lending itself to a similar rise in customer satisfaction as their calling experience becomes smoother. With this, our customers can also expect to see an improvement in customer loyalty and satisfaction figures, with the ability to react to changes in needs ensuring that any disaster recovery plan is greatly enhanced.

  • Secure online portal with simple 'drag and drop' interface
  • Manage both geographic and non-geographic number translation services
  • Access real-time data
  • Enable and disable features both reactively and proactively
  • Control call queuing
  • Upload announcements
  • Route calls based on traffic, geographic location, or set a 'plan B' line for times of disruption