Georgina Evans

Why Redcentric UC-as-a-Service

Becoming technology enabled with cloud

In our previous blog, we looked at the tensions between ‘keeping the lights on’ and ‘enablement’, where IT budgets are still largely given over to ensuring business as usual as opposed to...

Our Partnership Focus

Becoming technology enabled

On the journey to digital transformation, there is a world of difference between organisations that are technology-dependent and those that are technology enabled. Where an organisation is heavily...

HTN Healthcare Summit

On Tuesday 22nd September at 3pm, join Redcentric’s webinar on Collaborative working, enabling new working practices for healthcare, part of the HTN Healthcare Summit Series and discover how to...

Our Approach

8 benefits of using a cloud service provider

Cloud enables you to meet the dynamic needs of your organisation, allowing you to scale resources whilst giving you a known and controlled spend. You need your resources and systems to be reliable,...

Having a different conversation about SD-WAN

SD-WAN: Separating fact from fiction

It’s rare that an emerging technology in the world of networking attracts as much attention as the much talked about SD-WAN. Some of the claims would have you thinking it was the cure to all your...

Why Redcentric IaaS

What is a managed service provider?

A managed service provider (MSP) is a company that manages a range of IT services and infrastructure on behalf of an organisation. These services typically include network, cloud, security and...



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