Georgina Evans

Using Cisco Webex calls within Microsoft Teams

Amazing things happen when your teams start to collaborate, 72% of organisations see an increase in productivity when using unified communication tools and 77% deliver an improved customer experience....

Top tips on using technology to thrive

When looking towards the future and considering how your organisation can thrive, look back at the investments you made in technology during the pandemic to analyse what supported your business the...

Why Redcentric UC-as-a-Service

Transitioning from surviving to thriving

When we look back at early 2020, no-one would have predicted the global pandemic. The pandemic has meant that organisations have had to be agile in their response to changing demands from their staff...

Why Redcentric UC-as-a-Service

Becoming technology enabled with cloud

In our previous blog, we looked at the tensions between ‘keeping the lights on’ and ‘enablement’, where IT budgets are still largely given over to ensuring business as usual as opposed to...

Our Partnership Focus

Becoming technology enabled

On the journey to digital transformation, there is a world of difference between organisations that are technology-dependent and those that are technology enabled. Where an organisation is heavily...



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