Are you concerned about the potential damage to your business if it were to be maliciously taken offline by a DDoS attack? Do you struggle to monitor and optimise your network performance across multiple sites? Or are you struggling with managing multiple devices and ensuring seamless communication? Take a look at the offers here which can help you with these challenges and more.

We have recently increased our annual cost, and we are conscious that budgets are tight. Therefore, we have a set of offers you can take advantage of, but there are limited quantities available so be quick.


WAN Insight
60-day Proof of Concept for WAN Insight monitoring up to 15 sites. Limited to 25 customers.

DDoS Essentials
90-Day Proof of Concept for DDoS Essentials. Limited to 25 customers.

Microsoft Teams Extend Mobile
60-day Proof of Concept for up to 25 users. Limited to first 10 customers.

Microsoft Teams Calling
120 Day Proof of Concept for up to 150 users for voice capabilities including call recording and mobile. Limited to 10 customers.


Security Testing
External infrastructure assessment with a debrief call. Limited to 3 customers.

Cyber Resilience
Executive crisis management masterclass and desktop scenario exercise. Limited to 3 customers.

Modern Workspace 365
Workshop ran by Microsoft for Azure, Co-Pilot and Modern Workspace. Limited to 25 customers.

M365 Licenses with Co-Pilot
90-Day Proof of Concept for up to 25 Copilot Licenses. Limited to 10 customers, existing M365 licenses required.

DDoS Essentials

Protect your business from the ever present and constantly evolving cyber threats with the Redcentric DDoS service.

Take a minute to think about the implications of your business being maliciously taken offline, your customers cannot interact with your business online to place orders, pay for services and complete the day-to-day business critical interactions completed online. Think about the operational, financial and reputational damage that will occur if your ‘on-line’ presence is taken down. Prevention is not only better than cure but also significantly cheaper!

The Redcentric DDoS service can protect your business from DDoS attacks, allowing your business to remain online and operational even during a DDoS attack.

Redcentric is offering a free 90-day trial of the DDoS Essentials service and will provide a report of activity and any DDoS mitigations that may have occurred during the trial period.

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WAN Insight

Information is power – and WAN Insight is all about keeping you in control of your network – monitoring performance, detecting issues, and optimising architecture.

WAN Insight, is a visual dashboard that gives a high-level real-time overview of your network performance at a glance. You can now view your network, monitor performance, detect issues and discover network areas for improvement.

Take a 60-day trial of the WAN Insight service which will include up to 15 items of compatible customer equipment and will provide data on how your customer network is performing.

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Microsoft Teams Extend Mobile

Redcentric’s Teams Extend Mobile revolutionises conventional mobile devices into fully integrated UC endpoints, delivering unparalleled connectivity and productivity. Say farewell to the inconvenience of juggling multiple phones or enduring subpar user experiences from disparate UC applications.


Microsoft Teams Extend Mobile: Experience the difference with a 60-day trial of Redcentric’s Teams Mobile service and eliminate the confusion and non-compliance within your mobile workforce

Microsoft Teams Calling

Unlock Microsoft Teams with Redcentric’s Teams Calling Service.  With Teams Calling seamlessly enable your users Teams application, allowing your organisation to make and receive external calls directly within the Teams interface. Bid farewell to the constraints of conventional phone systems and embrace the flexibility and collaboration that Teams provides. Redcentric’s Teams Calling service guarantees crystal-clear voice quality, enhanced security, and simplified management, empowering your users to communicate effectively from anywhere, on any device. Experience the future of communication with Teams Calling today.

Teams Calling Service: Take a 120 trial for up to 150 users, inclusive UK minutes* and compliant call recording.

FUP* – UK minutes includes 01/02/03 and UK Mobiles

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Security Testing

You want to reduce your Cyber Security risk (who doesn’t), but you’re not sure where to start or (more likely) are finding it challenging to identify the necessary resources to implement the necessary projects. Typically, we see small IT teams lacking experience security trained resource struggling to support both BAU & Projects.

Redcentric’s Vulnerability Management service is great first step for hard-pressed IT teams to take. Underpinned by our proprietary Clarus platform, the service combines automation with human analysis to overcome the limitations of a machine-only approach. We apply a modified risk scoring framework that considers the context of the vulnerabilities identified to understand whether they can be practically leveraged by an attacker. To do this, we draw on our extensive experience delivering offensive security assessments and responding to real-world incidents, applying our understanding of the issues most likely to be exploited by a real-world attacker. We recommend this is done at least quarterly, ideally monthly.

We are offering a free external infrastructure assessment with a debriefing call, which will provide insightful assurance on the state of your infrastructure. We will scan your environment for existing vulnerabilities, providing your IT staff with a prioritised to-do list.

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Cyber resilience

The cyber threat has grown and evolved significantly in recent years, with no real signs of decline. Most organisations today recognise that it is a case of when, not if, they will fall victim to cyber-crime. When it hits the fan, it’s too late to wonder how you and your leadership team might respond to a crisis. A well planned and rehearsed response can mean the difference between a partial and full-scale compromise during an incident and can dramatically reduce the length and impact of disruption upon business operations – “Prior preparation prevents poor performance”.

Redcentric’s experienced Cyber Resilience team has delivered executive crisis management masterclass and desktop scenario exercises to organisations of all sizes across a wide range of sectors. The exercise is typically preceded by a 1.5-hour masterclass exercise. The purpose of the masterclass is to prepare the teams for the upcoming exercise. By delivering the masterclass ahead of the exercise, the groundwork for effective response can be laid, and the risk of participants feeling ambushed or unprepared is minimised. The best crisis management exercises involve the participation of an engaged team who embrace the exercise as a means of generating improvement in a controlled environment.

Redcentric is offering a free ½-day executive crisis management masterclass and desktop scenario exercise to enhance the performance of your key responders in the event of a crisis.

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Modern Workspace 365

Azure Workshop:

For many businesses, the adoption of public cloud comes with many new challenges and success hinges on good governance. At Redcentric, our Consulting and Advisory Services team brings the world’s best cloud experts together to help shape your business and deliver outcomes with a cloud solution built according to best-practice architecture design, strong governance and repeatable processes.


We’ll start with a thorough analysis to understand your needs and identify opportunities to help you excel. From assessment to ideation and true innovation, we work alongside your team, providing the guidelines, guardrails and expertise you need to be successful, workshop deliverables:

  • Cloud Readiness Assessments

The Cloud Readiness Assessment provides in-depth discovery and design services for customers migrating applications into the cloud, with criteria triggered by exceeding certain thresholds in the environment.

  • Governance Assessment

The Governance Assessment offers consultancy-led evaluations of current governance postures, addressing security, cost management, identity management, and deployment acceleration in line with Azure’s CAF.

  • Well-Architected Review

The Well-Architected Workshops ensure existing Azure solutions meet industry best practices, conducting reviews aligned with the 5 pillars of Microsoft’s Well-Architected Framework, with durations ranging from 2 days to 1-3 weeks based on needs. These services collectively empower organisations to optimize their cloud environments for security, efficiency, and operational excellence.



Co-Pilot Workshop:

Redcentric’s Copilot readiness workshop helps you maximise your investment in Copilot, delivering bespoke engagements for your organisation and pre-defined services, all designed to boost your speed of adoption. You can also include Collaboration and Modern Workplace workshops for the complete approach. The multi-day engagement helps you develop a plan for Copilot adoption and its success, workshop deliverables:

  • Copilot and Benefits Overview
  • Licencing Posture
  • Persona Mapping
  • Key Use Cases Document
  • Preparing for AI Plan



Modern Workspace Workshop:

Redefine your workplace with Modern Workplace 365 with seamless collaboration, productivity, and security. Accessible from any device, our digital workspaces streamline IT management while maximising efficiency. Reduce complexity, enhance cybersecurity, and mobilise your workforce with actionable intelligence.  Experience the future of work with Modern Workplace 365, workshop deliverables:


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M365 Licenses with Co-Pilot

Discover the future of work with Microsoft 365 Copilot, for workplace efficiency with Microsoft 365. Seamlessly integrate large language models, Microsoft Graph data, and M365 apps, Copilot empowers users to work smarter and faster. Say goodbye to time-consuming tasks and hello to enhanced productivity and creativity.

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